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Download Opera webpage not loading at all most of the time

  • I'm trying to figure this one out because it has been bugging me for weeks and I just couldn't figure it out till I noticed something peculiar...


    Opera for Android
    Is not loading 99% of the time. It's just trying to load till it times out. Tried with ad blocker and stuff and without and always same result.

    Opera Mini
    Loads the webpage 100% of the times.

    Can someone tell me why the hell this is happening? Why can Opera Mini load the webpage perfectly in an instant and Opera for Android just keeps on failing all the time. It might be related to my phone service provider, but why does Opera Mini work then and not normal Opera for Android? What's even more bizarre, it's just THIS specific webpage and no other doing this. At least not to my knowledge.

  • Maybe screen size? Loads fine on my Android tablet, and I understand Mini pretends it is as wide as a computer screen.

  • @sgunhouse I don't think that's the case. I have it set to Mobile agent which means it'll use mobile layout. The thing is, with loading I mean it's trying to even connect and it just failes at that, not even loading the page to any extent. Like I said, it may be partially on my phone service side, but why does Opera Mini work flawlessly then?

  • @rejzor Website is loading fine here on O43 for Android (7.1.2)

  • But if it's phone service provider issue, why does it work in Opera Mini, but not in normal Opera?

  • @rejzor I don't use Opera Mini, but the as far as I know the Mini version uses a diffrent engine (Android in-built Webkit instead of Chromium) resp. it renders the website on an Opera server (at least in the extreme mode) if I recall correctly. Could be diffrent nowadays ofc.

  • Loads fine here as well 43.0.2246.121183. But now I'm hungry...

  • I've tried here on Opera for Android beta and that page loaded fine on all tries. Data savings is disabled if that matters.

  • I don't get it what kind of bizarre issue this is. I was bitching to my phone service provider, but it' hard when you aren't even sure who to blame exactly. Which is why I'm trying to figure out whose blame it is here. The fact that Opera Mini works 100% of the time and Opera for Android basically 0% of the time I'm not even sure anymore...

  • Do you have data savings enabled?

  • @sgunhouse I've tried with and without and either case it fails in Opera for Android. Opera Mini on the other hand, works either way, with, without or with Extreme mode. Which is why it's so bizarre.

  • The website loads fine for me. You can try Puffin browser which is cloud-based or use VPN to see if the website loads fine

  • Interesting, after days I've tried Opera for Android again and now it seems to be working fine. Not sure what changed, on my mobile provider side or Opera's side. I just hope it will stay this way. Although I had MIUI 9 update in between for my Xiaomi Mi5 phone. Maybe that solved it. I guess I'll never know 🙂