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Opera for Android 43

  • Opening the ”Opera Beta 44 for Android” forum is meaningless because it has canceled version 44.

    Or maybe they've found some issues in it.

    Surely there was a big problem. It once collapsed with me and made me memory. Its operation was very slow.
    I tried Opera 43 and Opera Beta 43, but they both came up with scrolling freezes. It's as if it's insensitive to a touch screen. None of their quick-release icons either appeared on Opera Beta 42. Opera / Beta 43's operation is not smooth, a little stuttering. What they like in my account is portraiture, but in very poor quality. I've returned to Opera Beta 42 because it's a smooth quick operation that's more important to me.

  • I am getting a freeze on O43 when visiting
    Can anyone confirm?

  • @ocirnes Confirmed the freeze. We'll look into it.

  • @mrninko I'm considering the same, all that remained in Opera for Android is a skeleton team to provide the absolut minimum, some Chromium upgrades here and there (see 6 months) and with no QA. Sad but time to move on...

  • Hello, how can you switch off the Data sync with Opera Beta 44?

  • See the "hamburger menu" (3 bars) over on the left side? Click on that, first item in the sidebar that appears should list your Sync ID. Click on that to log out of sync. (I use tablet mode, may look different in phone mode.)

  • just do not find it, i have samsung galaxy note 4 with android 6
    it is not the stable but the beta!

  • @mariofan1 said in Opera for Android 43:

    it is not the stable but the beta!

    Why do you ask this in a thread dealing with the stable version then? 🤡
    But to answer your question: I couldn't find it either. There's no option to log out in the beta version obviously. It seems to be a regression.
    But that's why it is called "beta" and not "stable". 😉

  • is clear to me, but otherwise my contributions are not noticed -.-

  • @razorfancy said in Opera for Android 43:

    Since the version 43 (I also get this on beta version 44) I get a problem for some youtube videos(not all) but only when I go to full screen, the video shows black and stop then opera crash.
    This problem doesnt happen if I play the same videos on Google Chrome.

    Here is one of the videos that this problem happens:

    @miyukiwork said in Opera for Android 43:

    @personal1985 It's a known issue, we'll prioritize to solve the issue

    @razorfancy Not reproducible for us. If you could share additional info, that'll help (e.g. Android version, phone model)

    @darvinya "mini-link icons" is it about Speed Dial? If so, in what way it's not usable?

    My phone is i9082 using LineageOS 14.1 (android 7.1)
    I am using the same Room build that I had when I was using the Opera v42 but on Opera v43 and v44 beta I am getting that problem.

  • So 2 months have passed and the major problem with listening to audio -that came up with the "upgrade"- is still not fixed meaning that the browser is still totally unusable. I would assume problems that affect such a common thing, listening to audio (how it slipped from QA is probably another good discussion) would be immediately prioritized and be patched in about 1 week, but sadly all we have is the confirmation of what I said 2 months ago.

  • @xirit32

    Maybe you have noticed, but we've fixed the audio issue in Opera 44 beta. You can try the beta version until Opera 44 comes out. Also in Opera 44 beta, you can see a lot of improvements in the product.

  • @miyukiwork Thanks for the kind suggestion but normally the stable version means it is tested and it is flawless and not the other way around. I can't have 2 versions of beta in my browser, and especially not the one where you make experiments and revert them, (like that (ugly) metallic UI of the 90's) meaning potential problems and a waste of bandwidth. Other reasons include the extra syncing and the extra work for importing Speed Dials, non access to the offline pages that were saved in the stable version, etc, just not an alternative.

  • When can you expect a stable version update? It has been a while since the last update. The current version of the browser can sleep.

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