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  • dear opera why you can't turn off all images in webpage. your Large placeholders for images is amazing. but it doesn't work. still embedded images / hotlinked images are loading. and opera doesn't turn off images in https sites. in Firefox and uc browser if I set "don't load images" it won't load images in https and http sites. why opera can't turn off images globally?

  • according to Wikipedia As of June 2017, 21.7% of Alexa top 1,000,000 websites use HTTPS as default, 43.1% of the Internet's 141,387 most popular websites have a secure implementation of HTTPS, and 45% of page loads (measured by Firefox Telemetry) use HTTPS.
    According to Mozilla since January 2017 more than half of the Web traffic is encrypted.
    Opera's data savings is useless for https sites. only way to save data is to turn off images

  • @bbildman Speed Dial visual improvement will come in next version.

    @clarkbruce Data savings mode improvement is another area that we are looking into now and will be improved in next versions

  • @miyukiwork When can we expect those regression fixes?

  • @xirit32 We are releasing a new beta soon, not promising all fixes, but you will see how we are improving Opera for Android now.

  • Can you change the white border to black again in video player? it's too bright and hurting my eyes and it's not happen on Chrome. It happens on, and other websites on portrait and landscape mode. Example . Not affected on Who ever want to watch movie with white border in cinema?

    And also remove the forced landscape mode in video player that Chrome decided to make it? It caused the page to scroll on top after I exit fullscreen, and i have to scroll down again. I understand why it is forced to torate to landscape mode but it's increasing so much streeeesssssss.. gosh... please do something

  • @xirit32 We are releasing a new beta soon, not promising all fixes, but you will see how we are improving Opera for Android now.

    Thanks, what matters the most is fixing the things that weren't broken in the previous version.

  • @evildog1 Confirmed the problem in the public build. However, our internal builds are working fine, so it's fixed in the next version.

  • @miyukiwork Thank you. Hope it will get solved soon and i don't want to see other issues with video player again in the future. And thanks for solving black gif issue on reddit 🙂

  • Nothing breakthrough... Still same - weak. I'm glad I use Firefox.

  • @xirit32 In this version, we've mostly removed the experimental UI elements we included in the previous versions.
    Significant improvements will come in next versions. (No, 6 months is not the new release cycle, so we'll release faster than that )

    At this time only Samsung Browser Beta is faster by using a trick.

    When scrolling down or up in Samsung Browser Beta, JavaScript gets a low priority. Which makes scrolling the highest priority task. Many websites for example use JavaScript or rather abuse JavaScript for demanding code that executes simultaneously while scrolling.

    Currently Opera Mobile Beta does not have this 'give JavaScript a lower priority for fancy effects' multithreading idea implemented.

    I tested many websites and scrolling is always the most important task for a fluent experience. Since those fancy effects while scrolling with JavaScript or whatever are far less important.

    Then Opera at Android takes the lead in effectiveness and smoothness over Chrome, Samsung again.

    And for all browsers I can say, some websites expect you have the latest very expensive phones, probably since websites developers test mostly on flagships forgetting to optimize their inefficient website design. Since it's cheaper to develop slow fancy website compensates with very expensive phones by the enduser.

    I always use tablet mode on mobile and tablet and I am telling you, Ooera is now 2nd. And a very simple thing like Sleep(10); in Opera it's JavaScript code when a user scrolling the website in a loop only in effect while scrolling would make Opera at least equally fast.

    Just simple tricks. Once for example the iPhone stopped doing everything except scrolling the website and stopping all other tasks in a webbrowser but their entire OS too. It's called Snappyness.

  • Since the version 43 (I also get this on beta version 44) I get a problem for some youtube videos(not all) but only when I go to full screen, the video shows black and stop then opera crash.
    This problem doesnt happen if I play the same videos on Google Chrome.

    Here is one of the videos that this problem happens:

  • Hi

    I like new Opera(44) Beta skin back to Opera Beta 42.7.2246.114995, but is some bug.
    The mini-link icons can not be used with a 5-inch display. Show slow websites.
    When wrong show website backwards.
    Scroll and zoom in checkout.
    The input tray remains in the input tray.

  • @personal1985 It's a known issue, we'll prioritize to solve the issue

    @razorfancy Not reproducible for us. If you could share additional info, that'll help (e.g. Android version, phone model)

    @darvinya "mini-link icons" is it about Speed Dial? If so, in what way it's not usable?

  • @miyukiwork:
    The best available Opera Beta 42.7.2246.114995. This version was easily accessible with one-hand web page speed-dial buttons. Opera Beta 44 is no longer because they are very small. In addition, it is much slower in operation than 44, and many pages are flawed. The app button's graphics are also confused because of where it is old (web page menu) and where it is new (settings).

  • When is Opera 44 update fix it bugs?

  • When is Opera 44 update fix it bugs?

    When it's ready.

  • Opera v43 stable and Opera 44 beta crashes when i login with my Facebook at
    Chrome works perfectly

  • @leocg :
    Then I downgrade Opera Beta 42.7.2246.114995, because the best.

  • Opera Beta version 44.0.2246.121597 has been pulled off from Play store... This is happening for the second consecutive time I think.
    Come on Opera do some quality checks before publishing a version.