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Uncontrollable zoom in and out on YouTube, then freeze and have to restart Opera.

  • Pretty much just like the title says, happens all the time and it is beyond annoying. I really don't want to go back to using Chrome but I have been lately as this compounded with quite a few other issues I have been encountering recently make it Opera unusable.

  • How to post about a problem in Opera

    What version of Opera and OS? What are the steps to try to reproduce it?

  • Opera version - 46.0.2597.39 (PGO) - Opera is up to date.
    Running x64 Windows 10.
    It will be okay for a bit, but it seems after being on the Youtube page for a certain amount of time (I don't think you have to be watching a video) the page starts to lag like crazy. I use a laptop a lot and sometimes you accidentally zoom in or out. When you do it will zoom out (or in) so far then you try to zoom the opposite way and the page freezes and you have to restart. Only experienced this on Youtube, no other websites (as far as I can tell.) Like I said earlier, the page, zoom and what not will run perfect for a period of time until suddenly it freezes up. All extensions are disabled right now as I am running into quite a few Opera bugs that are hindering my experience. Using Opera now for sometime under 2 years, never had any problems until recently, I am noticing them everywhere.

    Any problem experienced in Opera I tested in Chrome and could not replicate..

  • I definitely recognize and remember this, but since I have given up zooming on youtube since months back I have unsurprisingly not been bothered by that, but..

    I do have a problem that after a (sometimes short, other times long) while of youtube usage, said site becomes unusable such that it gets stuck on "loading" (freezing) for nearly ever whenever I navigate to a new page within that domain. I have tried disabling extensions (while enabling previously disabled one) one at a time, without result. On the other hand, once when this plagued me yet again, I opened new private window and visited youtube (including same pages that the non-private window was stuck in) in it, everything seemed ok, no problem at all. Everything was fluent. Then immediately tried in the non-private window and still same problem there.

    Windows: 7 32-bit Home Premium
    Opera: 46.0.2597.39 (this problem has plagued me since many versions back, for many months)

  • Bump this, it is still going on!! I have the same said problem as mentioned above along with what I mentioned earlier and it is still happening! I don't know how such a simple thing can be so hard to patch for us. Honestly think I may be done with Opera as compatibility and issues like this are encountered all the time.

  • And your current Opera version is 47.0.2631.55?

    If not, I would suggest you update to it as I found issues with v46 on Win7 Home Pro 32-bit, that were solved by the v47...55 update.

  • Youtube is one of the sites that uses QUIC and those who enable it can really benefit from it. QUIC "boost" is by site (not universal) and Chrome/ium/Google/Blink engine has a whitelist of sites than can utilize QUIC (not 100% sure if whitelist practice is still ongoing albeit it's more than likely).

    Enable QUIC and test and see it you get positive kick from it.

    QUIC protocol
    Set to: Enable


    Do your usual Youtubeing, and head to opera://net-internals/#quic to see details.