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  • I second that. Doubled sidebar is a waste of space and sidebar extension icons should be listed below in the same column.

  • Sincerely hope they move extension bar to Reborn UI.

  • wishes:

    • Unify the sidebars - two sidebars like that isn't practical. Visual on/off toggle even when sidebar not showing.

    • Vertical bookmarks bar - This would likely be a button functionable from sidebar.

    • Current bookmarks bar - please add visual on/off toggle - I would use bookmarks bar if it wouldn't be on the way all the time, takes much screen real estate.

  • How about to put extensions to main browser bar?
    As shown in the picture below.
    I think that this would be something great and very useful

    sidebar in main bar

  • It has been requested by some people since navigation sidebar was introduced.

    I think it would be nice to have them merged but I don't see it happening soon.

  • I hope the two redundant sidebars will be merged soon. In addition, an auto-hide option to show de sidebar only when the mouse is placed on the left side of the screen (like in tha "All In One Sidebar"firefox extension) would be welcome.

  • just get rid of the extension sidebar altogether.

  • @chuchkyschild I agree. The extension side bar needs to be gotten rid of.

  • a merge would be fantastic. with the option to add web panels and extensions that would be a well done implemented and functional "all in one sidebar". But as long the merge is not gonna happen soon, i would like to be able to keep the extension side bar. an option to hide it is already existent. so it's up to the user wether to display and use it or not.

  • A dev said few months ago that they have the issue on table...

    +100 for merge!

    (and release web panels for common use!)

  • @rudrick i am sure, this is something being considered. seeing how elements from concept browser neon have been integrated, merging sidebars and/or adding additional options such as move it to main bar, have it as drop down menue etc, i assume, are being considered as well.

  • It probably comes down to... agreement they have with FB, VK etc - as Opera have been heavily pushing monetization across clients. The messengers have exclusive access to Reborn sidebar as well as web panel.

    But users want to be able to use addons on sidebar as well as web panels without restrictions.

  • @rudrick yes! totally agreeing on web panels for common use! was just trying to get the updated version from github, but it says it couldn't load it properly due to manifest missing?
    i use vivaldi as well and i really like the web panel feature there (somehow FBmessenger+whatsapp web panels are not functioning properly there for me), it is a neat and functional addition for sidebar using and i would love to see that in opera browser in the (hopefully near) future ^_^

  • @rudrick ah, thank you mate 😃 totally overlooked that.

  • The concept that a browser can have two sidebars is ridiculous. Come on Opera. You can do better. Lay off the Virtual Reality nonsense and get back to basics.

  • @browzer1 said in Move extension sidebar to main bar.:

    The concept that a browser can have two sidebars is ridiculous. Come on Opera. You can do better. Lay off the Virtual Reality nonsense and get back to basics.

    agree one sidebar just with the icons to open the following full pages, and remove them and developer from the O dropdown menu. hate the way vavaldi has history setup. a side panel instead of a page. opera can learn from vavaldi how downloads are handled. if you have vavaldi set to ask where to save when you click to download an item vavaldi opens a nice looking download panel.

    help - about opera belongs here

  • @acidinmyfridge Yes, vivaldi's webpanel feature is cool.
    And your'e not the only one who cant use messenger within a webpanel in vivaldi, it's a common glitch

  • @alo0oz ya, i figured. nonetheless: great webpanel feature ^_^

  • dropped vivaldi like a hot potato yesterday. not happy can't install opera addons, can't install chrono download manager, worthless sidebar for history, web panels are fine if you haver a server.