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Opera Mini 26 for Android

  • @farhanaamin, thank you for the video, it helps a lot!

    @jackob11, can you please share URLs to the download pages with files that are problematic for you? Do you use mobile or WiFi connection? If mobile, then what is your operator and which country are you from?

    @deathbearry, do you see any error page? What country are you from? If you turn on Max and turn off compression in Mini, then only pages using HTTP should be compressed and the compression rate will not be as good as using Extreme or High compression in Mini.

  • @mbaluta I'm on Android 5.1.1 using 3G (HSPA+) network connection. From Bangladesh. Mobile Operator:- Teletalk & Airtel BD.
    Here I try to download Opera 42.7 for Android Version from Opera Server. Link:-
    Also I attach some screenshot to prove my problem.
    The main problem is the problematic download manager UI & slow downloading speed.
    Number 1. Here speed shows 4KB/s & upper right side remaining time shows 54 minutes while the downloading bar remaining time shows 2 hours.(Which remaining time should I trust? )
    Number 2. I want the download manager UI as like this screenshot. The full size of the downloading file & how much it currently download should be always shown. (Like this downloaded 420KB from 42MB) but also look at the speed in this snapshot. It's slow.
    Number 3. Here the downloading speed is also slow & it doesn't make any sense to show current speed at downloading bar because in the upper left side the speed always shown.
    Number 4. Another problematic remaining time shows & slow speed. One shows 31 minutes left & other shows 12 minutes left. (Which should I trust? )

    And why the downloading bar info changed as current speed, remaining time & total size. Since in the upper side the current speed & remaining time always shown so then in the downloading bar must show always the downloading file size as like Screenshot number 2.
    So, fix this problematic download manager UI ASAP. Also take a look about slow downloading speed.
    N.B - I don't have any speed limit on my network. Sometimes the downloading speed got 300-400KB/s but it's very rare.

  • @deathbearry, do you see any error page? What country are you from? If you turn on Max and turn off compression in Mini, then only pages using HTTP should be compressed and the compression rate will not be as good as using Extreme or High compression in Mini.

    yes. i did see the error page.
    i'm from Malaysia.
    well...i guess that my telco didn't provide decent internet speed.
    does it affect Opera Mini compression if the internet service is poor?

  • I just downloaded this version on a fresh install of Android 6.0 Marshmallow tablet (running in Virtualbox). Opera Mini won't even load, it just says "To run Opera Mini you need more space. Try removing some apps or clearing app data." Again this is a fresh install with only one other app I got from the store.

    The device has 2.0 GB of RAM ( 1.1 GB used) and 1.11 GB free of hard drive space.

    I searched everywhere and can't find the hardware requirements, but surely it has enough resources to run?

  • @ux-tester Unfortunately, it's a known issue that Opera Mini does not install correctly in virtualbox or similar.

  • thanks miyukiwork,

    Is there a version that does? Maybe an older one? We'd really like to test our website on Opera Mini, and a virtual machine is currently our only option.

  • @ux-tester:

    have you tried to run opera mini from inside the chrome browser using arc welder?

    your feedback would be appreciated.

    apologies for beating my own drum here.

  • @ux-tester: you can run Opera Mini on your PC using MicroEmulator:
    And as a practical tip I recommend to also check desktop Opera 12.16, if your site doesn't work correctly there, then it's very likely you are gonna have some problems on Opera Mini as our servers use nearly the same engine. If you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to contact us. We are really happy when web developers actually care about us:)

  • I really miss the option to clear completed downloads. Could you bring it back?

  • Could you add redownload option on completed download? Sometimes files downloaded incorrectly.
    I also really want completely dark theme across menu and navigation bar, like the new feature of opera desktop version.
    Thank you

  • What is the difference between two Opera Mini:
    They provide the same functionality and interface!

  • @d-wa, can you please describe in what situations file can download incorrectly? That should not happen I think.

    @anders6, is an update to old version of Opera Mini and it's meant for people who have used old version for ages. Please install

  • @cubot - tried Arc Welder but it says it requires Chrome OS (which I do not have).

    @mbaluta - thanks for the recommendation. I tend to prefer VMs over emulators due to past experience and trying to replicate as closely as possible what a user using the actual device would see. Won't rule it out though. Great tip about Opera 12.16. I've installed it and already noted one thing I need to fix on our site!

  • Hi, please add the option to print to PDF.


  • @xufula:

    stfu, read the forum rules about posting and try again.

    stop wasting my time and money/bandwidth.

    then you're welcome here, otherwise gtfo.

    at least you had CAPS LOCK off, so thanks for that.

  • read the forum rules about posting and try again.

    There is nothing wrong with his/her post.

  • @leocg:

    There is nothing wrong with his/her post.

    plenty fails here

    1 hijacking thread for out of topic remark
    2 not having read previous threads re intended topic
    3 wrongposting not in suggestions
    4 fail to declare current system etc
    5 neglect to read your concise advice stickies howto before writing

    makes me intolerant.

    but it's your circus here,
    so while your place, your judgement.

  • hijacking thread for out of topic remark

    This is kind of a generic topic so asking for something to be implemented in Opera Mini is not exactly out of topic although it would fit better in Suggestions Box.

    4 fail to declare current system

    It's not a bug report.

    but it's your circus here

    Nope, it's not. 🙂

  • Opera Mini's web Streaming feature needs upgrade.
    Seriously it takes too long time to start streaming.
    Loading..Loading..Loading..Loading..Loading.. & .. Loading
    But after loaded the video. Then it works so well. So fast.. Yes, amazingly fast BUT
    Problem goes on when I clicked 'Play' button Everytime it starts slow loading and loading & at this Loading stage if I press back button then Opera Mini hangs my device & crashed always.

    Moreover, Opera Mini can't play (mpg) formats video for streaming.

  • How can one check on server if Opera Mini is running in saving mode? I don't see Opera Mini in User Agent string anymore, even in extreme saving mode. And HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH is always the same -

    We have problem with Opera Mini, it fails to execute any Javascript on the page after "Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin "http://origin" from accessing a cross-origin frame.", when other browsers do not have such error. Moreover without saving mode Opera Mini works just fine without such error.

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