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Youtube isn't getting along with Opera

  • Hello, I currently have Opera 12 and Opera 20 installed on my PC. Until yesterday YouTube worked fine, on both but it started to act weird.

    On Opera 12 whenever I open a new YouTube page, the browser goes in the "not responding" state for half a minute (less or more), then everything works fine. If I open a new YouTube page again, the same thing happens.

    On Opera 20 when I open a new YouTube page, nothing is wrong, but then I click on a video, everything on the page disappears, except the video.

    I even recorded and uploaded a video, take a look:

    On Firefox, YouTube works just fine. What could the problem be?

    Thanks for your time.

  • Try going to the Adobe Flash site, and see if you have the lates update. If not, download and install it. Maybe you have a flash problem.

  • This is the first thing I did yesterday. I've installed it again, a few minutes ago, just to make sure and no luck. The problem is still there.

  • Are you using any extensions?

  • Yep, it seems I had an extension installed on opera 20 and I forgot about it, I removed it. Everything works fine on opera 20. On opera 12 the same thing happens, maybe because it's too old? Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it!

  • same problem here , no solution

  • Why the question about extensions. What type can cause a problem with Youtube?

  • no extension in both opera´s , flash update ,clear cache .

  • Clear cookies for and/or ?.

  • Why the question about extensions. What type can cause a problem with Youtube?

    Any extension that offers the ability to either change or improve the youtube service or site can cause problems, especially if google keeps changing or updating youtube thus potentially breaking extension/s abilities in the process. As for specific extensions, FastTube is one I've seen mentioned quite a lot when people are having problems with youtube.

  • Thanks linuxmint7, I got the extension to YouTube for lyrics to songs. But so far, it hasn't caused me a problem, and I like it.

  • Hello, a few minutes ago I download opera 20.0.1387.91 (for the first time have opera browser) I have windows XP 32-bit. My problem is youtube. I have exactly the same problem like the video who ecorded and uploaded in that comment the florin108.
    Adobe Flash version 13,0,0,182
    No extensions
    clear cache
    Clear all cookies

    Same problem again and again. No solution.
    Can you help me please?

  • I forgot to say that I have the same problem with the latest google version and MF. You tube working fine only with Internet Explorer 8.
    More details about my windows: XP prof. 5.1.2600 service pack 3 build 2600

  • Maybe you should think about downgrading to an older version of the flash player plug-in, or at least check and make sure the one you have is installed properly.

  • Hello linuxmint7, sorry for the delay, other timezone 😉 and today we selabrate Eastern in Greece, I truly appreciate your help, thank you so much, was very kind of you, but youtube still has the same problem. "an error occured please try again later".
    I revert the flash player to a previous version (11.7.700.275)

    I would like to say one more please. I am using ccleaner. In the registry section with all boxes checked, I am continually getting the following problem.
    Missing MUI Reference @C:\WINDOWS\system32\en-US\mstsc.exe.mui,-4004 HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ShellNoRoam\MUICache (after revert twice)
    I have attempted to remove it several time without success. I have never had this happen before a few days. When I scan my computer, "mstsc.exe.mui" is where it belongs. I have "fixed the issue" several times and it keeps on showing up again as an issue. Of course, I backed up the registry each time. How do I resolve the fact that the issue keeps recurring? Or, could it be a false positive? Any suggestions would be appreciated?