Tabs on fullscreen mode (mac OS)

  • Where is my tabs?
    I open fullscreen mode and i don't see it !!
    WTF, Opera?

  • Welcome to Opera forums @Blagochinnov!

    As far as I know, in Full screen what is shown it's just the current website and right click menu.

    Maybe exist an extension to access tabs through right click in Full screen.

    Maybe Ctrl + Tab and / or numbers works for you, despite the keyboard needing.

  • Yes. Opera should/needs to have the ability to see tabs and address bar or at least tabs in full-screen mode on Mac computers. If you just maximize the window by draging or using a windows management app, then it will show just like it on Windows. But if you're on a Mac and you switched to full-screen mode It actually gets placed on its own desktop and your address bar, tabs and bookmarks bar vanish.

  • I always had the tabs and menu in fullscreen mode. Today I updated Opera and macOS and they are gone. There is an option in the menu but it's gray (unclickable). With that small screen I have opera is now not usable anymore. Please help.

  • its annoying not to be able to see my tabs on fullscreen mode.

  • Opera shows the tabs and toolbar by default in full-screen mode, unless you're starting full-screen mode from a web site (for example by full-screening a video).

    Try clicking View -> "Show Toolbar in Full Screen Mode" in case you don't see them.

  • @avi

    Thank you. That did the trick. I don't understand how I missed that before. I was looking allover the place. Thank you again. :yes:

  • Sometimes I can select "Show Toolbar in Full Screen Mode" - Sometimes its greyed out. It's very annoying. I like full screen mode actually without all the tabs...but I think a better implementation would be to show the tabs when the mouse hits the edge of the top screen, and then dissapears when it hovers below.

    Anyway, it's super annoying. It's greyed out, and the only way I know how to fix it, is to restart opera, and then I can select the "Show Toolbar in Full Screen Mode" again.

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