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  • It seems to have memory leak.
    Browser process exceed 1GB memory usage.
    Sometimes it shows out of memory

    Do you have VPN on? Some people have been reporting memory issues when VPN is on since a while.

  • Do you have VPN on? Some people have been reporting memory issues when VPN is on since a while.


  • Do you have VPN on? Some people have been reporting memory issues when VPN is on since a while.


    The problems are only with youtube??

  • The problems are only with youtube??

    Not always VPN on, hardly view youtube in a day.

  • @LeoCG

    Do you have VPN on? Some people have been reporting memory issues when VPN is on since a while.

    Maybe it's time to make a report to Opera or to the devs?

  • Maybe it's time to make a report to Opera or to the devs?

    It's known as far as I know but it may to not be so easy to reproduce.

  • It's known as far as I know

    despite we can not make :wizard: are news for affected users.

  • The mouse icon for resizing video popup seems not be in right place.
    It can be checked in left, right, bottom.

  • Even tested: This?

    PS: Delete cache folder too.

  • It does not help.

  • New update - Opera developer 45.0.2531.0 😉

    The change log, and the announcement - New Reborn update with Telegram, and GPU accelerated video on Windows.

    "We couldn’t wait any longer for another developer update for the Reborn project. Last week, we added support for WhatsApp, and Messenger. Today we are adding another communicator to the sidebar – Telegram. In addition to this, the latest update to the Opera Developer 45 brings some visible UI changes, faster video on Windows, and further tuning and fixes.

    It’s Telegram’s time

    Telegram is a popular messaging app with focus on security and privacy. It allows you to send messages, photos, videos, and files of any type for up to 5,000 recipients. Now, you will find it in the new Reborn sidebar, along with already available Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

    Similarly to our current communicators, you can simply log in to the service, and start chatting.

    Now with Telegram, the Reborn project has three communicators available by default in the sidebar. Do you think it’s too many? What do you think about having the most popular communicator visible by default, and others available as an option? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

    Narrow sidebar for Mac

    The new sidebar in the Mac version of Opera Developer can be now as narrow as on Windows. To adjust it, go to Settings -> Browser -> Sidebar -> “Enable Narrow Sidebar”, or use the sidebar context menu.

    UI improvements for Windows 7

    Based on your requests, we have also brought for you a more familiar platform feeling on Window 7. The latest version of Opera Developer for Windows 7 uses its system buttons to close, maximize, and minimize a window, as well as adjust transparent borders to fit to the platform.

    Faster video on Windows

    Most graphics processing units (GPUs) can decode videos highly efficiently. With this release, we will send even more video formats to the GPU for decoding on Windows. This will allow for significantly higher frame-rates, higher resolutions, and lower battery usage for these videos.

    Since we (sadly) do not have access to all possible graphics cards and drivers, we are keen to hear about your experiences here. So try watching HTML5 videos, and listen to an audio file, and if something is broken, please let us know in a comment, or file a bug report. You can disable, and enable the new code through the #media-windows-mf-demuxer flag in opera:flags.

    The Big Buck Bunny (from HTTP links) is always a good test.

    Technical mumbo jumbo

    A web page can play native videos through two different APIs: a streaming API (MSE), and by using video and source tags directly. This release makes the video and source tag API hardware-accelerated, when using an H.264 (mp4) video on Windows, just as the streaming API has done for a long time.

    If this works well, we want to do the same for Mac and Linux."

    The Chromium has been updated to version 58.0.3018.3.

    "Thanks for all the comments. Keep them coming!"

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • There is no write message field in docked messengers sidebar

    When sidebar messenger (WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger - not tested with Telegram) is opened and dock, the text message field is not visible at the bottom (in WhatsApp) or cut in the half (in Facebook Messenger)

    1. Open messenger
    2. Open any chat
      Actual result:
    3. Text message field is not visible or cut
      Expected result:
    4. Text message field is visible
      OS: Ubuntu 16.04.02 LTS (x86_64; Unity)
      URL: -
      Opera version: 45.0.2531.0
  • I hope Twitter app on new sidebar of Opera Dev 45! :cheers:

  • Youtube videos not working anymore … 😕

  • Youtube videos not working anymore … 😕

    It's working fine here.

  • There is search issue in History.

    ex: there are some result for "Thank you" and "you".
    set vpn on, search with "Thank you" and delete all result.
    and set vpn off, remove "Thank" to search "you", then there is no result.

  • Well, OK, time to give up with Opera. Opera is not anymore the same as it used to be with Opera Presto. This Opera Blink is only issues and bugs, unlike the good old Opera Presto.

    By the way, seems I'm not the only one to face this issue:

    I tried the hack, but it solved nothing

  • Hi @hibou57, you should be aware, that when using the developer channel of the browser, quite a lot of bugs are pretty expected to occur here, if you want a bit more stable experience, you can try to use Opera beta, or even Opera stable, and additionally keeping an eye, what's going on in the developer channel, just to be up to date with the upcoming features.

    Regarding the H264 issue, you can find a solution here.

    In regard to the problem with the Flash plug-in, which you have mentioned here, you can try one of the following steps:

    I. If you have already installed the adobe-flashplugin package, you can try to reinstall it as follows: sudo apt-get --reinstall install adobe-flashplugin,

    II. Go to Ubuntu wiki page, click on "install the Flash plugin", and follow the instructions. If after you click on the link it does nothing, just follow the steps mentioned below on the page,

    III. Go to Adobe Flash for other versions, select your Linux's architecture (64-bit/32-bit), and select "FP for Ubuntu" in step 2, click on "Download now", and follow the instructions.

    In case, that you want to install it manually: go to Adobe Flash for other versions, select your Linux's architecture, and select "FP for Linux (.tar.gz) PPAPI" in step 2, download it, and copy, and manifest.json from the archive to /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin.

  • Great addition of a narrow sidebar on mac, but why do the window controls have to change position for it? I would much prefer them to stay horizontal like every in every other application. The narrow sidebar could look the way it does on the speed dial when disabled.

  • Youtube video not working in last two releases of 45, it plays about 10 seconds, then load circle appears and opera gets stucked. Same if in that 10 second is video skipped to another position. Only process kill helps here, but problems stay. It's really interesting, that Edge have same problem, maybe it is something with windows 10 insider release. But in IE it works fine.