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New Opera Neon - concept browser

  • Thank God there are absolutely no bugs in the regular Opera browser so the devs have free time for a fun project :whistle: :lol:

    Seriously: I hope the snapshot tool and the split screen will be ported to the regular Opera browser :yes:

  • 1.can you add function to install extensions
    2.In new tab a lot of link from one site
    3.I can not download photos from gallery
    That is all.

  • Hey y'all.

    I've been using neon since it came out, and really really enjoy it.

    However, As of today, if I open it, it almost instantly crashes time and time again.

    Similar post, so I don't feel super alone.

    any fix? / Known issue?

  • If I could import my bookmarks and passwords from Opera Beta it would be my default browser. That said, it's impressive.

  • Opera Neon is nice! :yes: So, If Opera Software will keep to develop this browser, I think this browser needs Ad-Block feature.

    And Japanese Tech Media said "Opera Software will add some features of Opera Neon to Opera Browser". If this is true, I think Opera Software should to add Player Panel to Opera Browser! Because this feature is so nice and useful! Specially stop and play feature. Because When I do net-surfing with listening favorite music or podcast or video, I want to stop. Not mute. Because I can listen from stopping point again!

    If Opera Software will add "Player" panel to Opera Browser, I think it is good to add this feature to Tab Menu. :cheers:

  • Ok, It's time for a new Neon release since this release already expired..... 🙂

    Btw, how about kill the regular Opera for PCs and stick only with Neon? It would be nice... People are tired of the old Chrome look... 😞


  • Ok, It's time for a new Neon release since this release already expired

    There won't be any.

    how about kill the regular Opera for PCs and stick only with Neon? It would be nice

    Maybe regular Opera will look like Neon some day in the future.

  • Ok, It's time for a new Neon release since this release already expired

    There won't be any.

    And why is that?

    Now that's what I call a malicious tease..... 😞 🙂 😞 C'mon Opera..

  • And why is that?

    The answer is on the first post.

  • I really like the concept, so I'd like to share some impressions:

    1. I love that the menu and the tabs are vertical. Since a lot of sites just having empty space on the vertical edges anyway this makes a lot of sense to me.
    2. The new tab button really need to be near the tab list (or at least duplicated there).
    3. The two pane view is great, but I would like a quick way to choose in which pane a tab opens when I click it. I think an intuitive way would be for left click to open it in the left pane and right click in the right.
    4. The media player is fantastic. Love the always on top floating video option.
    5. I like how the design uses my desktop background as the background. 🙂

    So good job on the concept. I hope it is developed further, and/or that opera moves in this direction. If this browser had extensions I would switch to it in an heartbeat.

  • If Opera don't release it, someone will take this concept and release it for good.... and then..... 😞

  • this is my new favorite browser. 10/10. useful and minimalist.

    I concur. Browsing the net used to be a chore, now it is an experience!

  • Is Opera Neon open source? Can it be forked?

  • Cant open Opera Neon anymore, it open and a second later crashed and disapear 😞
    Must give up?

  • Try to install on Windows, but get error while the installtion program is still downloading. Works beautiful on Mac!!
    Please fix or suppluy an off-line download.

  • Is Opera Neon open source? Can it be forked?

    Nope. Except, of course, the Chromium part of it.

  • Just decided to give it a try yesterday, and already loving it! Many of the ideas it demonstrates are very comfy and the "feel" is just very pleasant; if there's no plan to maintain it, and as lajmccullough suggested, will it be open sourced?

    I've only used it for one day and yet, I'm already fearing I could have to switch back to something else 😃

    Great job!

  • If Opera made this browser just to trash it like that, why bother create this page?

    Why they don't kill it then?

    Something is not right..

  • Some great features there.

    I'm interested to know; are you going to stop at these ideas or are you going to steal absolutely all of Maxthon's features?

  • Why I cannot open it any more???? On Windows 10 it just started crashing yesterday. I have tried to reinstall it, but it's the same.

    I am really disappointed.

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