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New Opera Neon - concept browser

  • @epop11rt3 said in New Opera Neon - concept browser:

    @jpSpj said in New Opera Neon - concept browser:

    I just downloaded Opera Neon, and I love it! BUT, I was trying to log on to my google account and the browser continually just crashes... help!

    I am having the same problem. After Installing Opera Neon on my Windows 10 Laptop (this browser was initially working fine on my Windows 7 Desktop PC when I first downloaded it; then I decided my laptop needed it more than my desktop) I try to sign into my google account and the browser immediately crashes. Same thing started happening on my Windows 7 PC when I tried to test it on there after I couldn't get it to work on my laptop. In addition, when I did manage to sign into my google account (after trying the method of running this browser in compatibility mode for Windows 8), upon opening the browser, I can't click on anything unless I open a second window. Also, I can't get the video pop-out player to work, no matter how many times I click on the pop-out icon in video player (while it's in sidebar). Uninstalling and reinstalling this program didn't fix these problems. If anyone has suggestions on how to fix these issues, I am open to them.

    Update: After importing my settings from another browser (Firefox), I was able to log into my accounts on Opera Neon without any further issues, the only exception being I have to have two main browser windows open in order to click on anything in the web browser. Hope I can figure out a work around solution for that later. I also figured out how to get the video pop-out player feature to work; click on the video player in sidebar once, open sidebar, position cursor on any corner of video, click and drag, Voilla (if I am spelling that correctly).

  • So far seems like a promising browser, its fast, stable, and pretty, i definitely like it.

    However i would like to provide some feedback:

    • Opened Tabs NEED a close button right side of the 'Minimize' button.

    • And option to add and/or personalize all tabs on the Home (time-line) page.

    • Bookmarks, favorites or whatever u want to call 'em.

    • An integrated AdBlock, and PopUp Blocker, or at least the possibility to add them as plug-ins. THIS IS A MUST HAVE, not negotiable, if Neon doesn't have this feature i wont be an user, sorry but browsing Internet without Malware Blockers is like going to the Flea Market all naked.

  • @bluemystic It's a final release and abandoned software. No updates was made just to see if people would like how it looks and how it's used.

  • @leocg
    The problem is that if people read old reviews of Opera Neon, such as this one or just google "new web browser" or similar to see what is available, then they find the Neon download page. On the download page there is no mention of the fact that the browser isn't updated, and one could easily get the impression that this is something which is coming in the future. Judging from the small number of posts in this forum I suppose this is not a huge problem, but I'd say it's not surprising that people are still asking questions.

  • Very Good Concept. This Concept Something New And Better.

  • @mrsmagnuson yeah thats what happened to me, i was Googling "new browser" and since i saw posts in this forum from barely a couple months i tough it was a live project.

  • This is why they should just remove the download, people don't read. No one should use Neon anymore since it's extremely out of date and vulnerable. It's almost negligent to let people still download it.

  • @karcyon In there is no mention of Neon. If people go to the blog post through a search and just download it without read the text, it's their problem not Opera's.

  • @leocg Although the blog post is very clear about the concept, the Download page is not at all clear on this. The downolad page is obviously not a blog post, it looks very official and it is very easy to find just by a simple search that does not lead you to the blog post at all. If Opera still maintains the download page the text could be clarified to more resemble the blog post, where indeed the text is very clear.

  • @mrsmagnuson Why someone would download something without knowing anything about it?

  • Is Opera Neon Abandoned?

    I tested it for the first time today and realized that it doesn't receive updates. As a browser made in Chromium open source, I tried some websites and noticed that Opera Neon acts like an old version of Google Chrome, even Youtube runs in an old version. It may have occurred from me downloaded via a wrong link on the Opera website, but I highly doubt it. I was wondering about your experience with Neon. I really wanted to use the browser, but so outdated is unfeasible.

  • @medeirosvg You didn't read the most recent posts, did you? Neon was only ever a concept browser made to show what might be possible in the future (like a concept car at one of the big auto shows). It has never received even a single update.

  • Hey this opera is using old chrome, how to update it?

  • @ashrovy Neon was a one time release to show a concept, there aren't any updates.

  • Surprisingly, the information in the browser itself indicates the year 2019. Of course, the browser is not being developed, but why should the version from 2017 be presented as the 2019 browser?

  • @Onward Where are you seeing such info?

  • opera neon crashes on osx 10116

  • Hello. You do not know when Opera Neon will be updated (if I wrote not there, then sorry. Didn't know exactly where to write)? Gmail says the browser is already outdated.

  • @eliteelectro As clearly said in the release, Neon will not be updated. It's not even in development.

  • @l33t4opera

    Why do you leave such outdated and vulnerable software still available for download, if there are not even security updates available for it, I find this a lack of respect for users, if they no longer want to continue the project, for lack of competence, discontinue downloading too, as continuing to allow downloading something that is vulnerable and potentially harmful to users is also your responsibility.