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Most Desired Features That Need To Come Back

    1. Bookmarks sidebar, or at least something that's scrollable that lets me go through my bookmarks. The bookmarks bar + importer in the latest version is definitely a step up but not quite what I need for my thousands of bookmarks. I'm a software developer and I use a TON of websites. Not to mention all the webcomics I've bookmarked over the years...

    2. Bookmark searching/retrieval from the address bar (as well as sidebar).

    3. Being able to edit an individual site's properties/preferences. This is INCREDIBLY useful for buggy sites in Opera 12. I don't want to delete all my cookies + cache if doing so for a single website is sufficient. That way I still keep my login info for other sites that are unaffected.

    4. Better tab management/customization. I need the tabs at the bottom of my screen. That's where my Windows taskbar is, that's where I go to look for all my tabs on my giant monitor. Also, I use the tab trashcan thing a fair bit; I do sometimes accidentally close a tab I didn't mean to.

    5. The ability to customize my toolbar(s) in Opera. I have about six features to the left of my address bar: back button, forward button, reload, create a new tab that goes straight to Google, open bookmarks sidebar, and a SnapCard bookmarklet. I really like Opera 12's ability to create any button you want that suits your purposes. I don't need Speed Dial; I use Google as my "blank slate".

    There's probably a few others things I take for granted in opera 12 that are missing in Opera 20, but I think that covers the ones that affect my workflow the most and enhance my browsing experience. If you know of any addons that bring back some of these features let me know, but I am not likely to make the full switch over until at least those 5 things have been added.

  • Like everything that was in version 12? I'm not likely to make a switch until every single thing that was in v12 is included.

    I was exclusively on Opera for many years and had recommended it to at least 30-50 people. Now I'm slowly starting to search for alternatives and recommending Chrome. I just don't get what are you people trying to achieve?!

  • Unfortunately, I've decided this new version is too much work and lacks too many features that are common in other browsers. The same topics above (bookmark management, toolbar customization), even something as simple as setting a homepage is now complicated and non-intuitive. I started with Opera when it was version 2. Now I'm going to evaluate and switch to a different browser since Opera is going in the wrong direction. I knew this day would come after they said that 95% of users dont use bookmarks. Not sure where they got that little erroneous factoid, but I'd bet it was merely justification to streamline the browser and have less to support. It's a sad day, but I have no more patience for this POS.

  • I was sort of with you until your last sentence; that's where you lost all credibility. Opera is a fine browser "in development." It may not do everything you want "at this juncture" but it's hardly a POS because you say so. And BTW... what is so difficult about setting a home page? Frankly, that could not be easier.

    Click on red Opera button in left corner. Go down to Settings. Under "On StartUp" select "Open a specific page or set of pages". Click on Set Page and add URL for your start page. OK your way out.

  • This is the ironic thing. We have so many "power" users decrying the loss of "power" functions that were in Opera 12. Yet they have difficulty doing basic things in Opera Blink such as finding the QAB, putting folders into the QAB or setting a home page.

    We get this constant whining from these "power" users who tell us over and over they will leave Opera.

  • That is why I am trying to be constructive with my thread. I don't expect everything will come back, but those are the top 5 things that have kept me from simply changing to another browser besides Opera. I hadn't heard of this "95% of users don't use bookmarks" factoid, but if that's seriously true, I am in the 5%. Heck, I still hang on to floppy disks I had when I was 3 years old. I can't imagine a life without bookmarks.

  • Also, I use the tab trashcan

    Try this extension
    There are a lot of bookmark threads with extensions. You should search the forum for those.

  • It was 90% not 95% so we're part of the 10% who do actually add bookmarks.

    Since 2007 we’ve been asking randomly-selected people if we could anonymously collect information from their Opera install (via opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableUsageStatistics) so we could see the features they use. Some of these users have volunteered to give us this data since 2007.

    Based on the group of 100,000+ users, we saw that more than 90% of our users never actually added a single bookmark to the ones shipped with Opera. What most people actually do is:

    • keep their favorite sites open all the time
    • use above together with sessions
    • use Speed Dial
    1. and 2. are not a high priority, but import/export of bookmarks is
    2. Is there to some extent already in Settings, Websites, Manage Exceptions. Opera 20 will need far less tweaking than Opera 12 or earlier.
    3. is needed by some users
    4. is the only one that is critical for me.
  • I highly suspect that most people who do use bookmarks don't like providing anonymous usage data. I'm never quite sure what kind of usage data they mean. Also, after some more searching...

    1. I found this: which just needs to be fixed for Opera 20. I would be fine with it. And as I mentioned, import bookmarks is now possible including folders. Though the importer really needs a "select all folders" option. I probably have 100 bookmark parent folders. I should probably organize my bookmarks better...

    2. Included in the extension I found in #1, so that's sufficient.

    3. I managed to find this under Privacy+security -> All cookies + site data. This is sufficient for me. While I do like having it available via right click menu in Opera 12, I don't actually use it frequently. I just want the ability to selectively delete cookies, which is indeed there, just in a different place.

    4. and cover my bases for most of the tab behavior I like the most.

    5. gives me the one thing I desired most, which was a way to open new tabs as home page or any other desired default (aka Google in my case). So I'm all set now in that regard.

    To sum up the remaining stuff I couldn't tweak:

    • The bookmark extension I mentioned needs fixing for folders, which I hope the author is working on

    • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me put tabs on the bottom of my screen.

  • Like everything that was in version 12? I'm not likely to make a switch until every single thing that was in v12 is included.

    I can't think of anyone that actually used "every single thing that was in v12", even myself or Pesala. I'm one of the few people who still prefer MDI (the ability to have multiple tabs displayed side by side or cascaded), though I never use tab stacking (except by accident - that doesn't count).

    Presto had a huge list of features, and duplicating all of them with another engine is likely impossible - but as I said, I doubt if anyone used all of them.

  • Ah! Tile vertically. What a useful feature that is now that I have a wide-screen monitor. I never used it before on 1280x1024, but on 1920 x 1080 it works well.

  • Cascade and Tile, me too, I'll miss all those buttons when the time comes, after all it was that 'huge list of features' and customising that made Opera so useful and appealing.

  • How long have we been waiting for bookmarks now? The new Opera has gone through about 6 or 7 different version numbers, yet it's barely changed. That bookmarks extension that people keep recommending is garbage.

  • For me the bookmarking features have significantly improved, from some of the earlier renditions of Opera Blink.

    We have a bookmarks toolbar now, options for bookmarks in a speed dial, the speed dial itself (which is multifaceted, permitting folders within folders), Stash, extensions for notes and extensions for bookmarks. (both in Opera AND in Chrome). Good grief, there's a lot that the intelligent user can use.
    I guess (smile) one person's garbage is another's person's rose.

    But listen, why not be precise? What do you mean here? Which bookmarks extension have they been recommending? Maybe , I'll consider it, if it's not what I'm using. And if it is what I'm using, I'll know what credibility to give to your generalization. And what's wrong with the extension in your view? And if I using another one that I like, maybe i'll suggest that one to you.

    If you're not going to explain what you think when you criticize something, other than with a generalization, the comment does nothing helpful for anyone.

  • Unfortunately, I was forced to upgrade because version 12 was becoming unusable on youtube and google+.

    Features that need to come back?

    • Stackable tabs

    • Open tab next to active tab

    • Bookmarks (or at the very least, have the Bookmark importer import to STASH instead of Speed Dial - importing to speed dial is a god awful mess). Also, you might want to consider having folders in Stash so it will at least work like bookmarks.

    • DRAGONFLY. I've said this a million times - the webkit debugger SUCKS HORRIBLY.

    • Visual mouse gestures

    • Right-click on new tab button, and get a context menu (which includes PRIVATE WINDOW... I know it can't be done in tabs anymore)

    • Left panel - with all it's tools like Info, Links, etc... maybe even a few new ones.

    • THE NUCLEAR OPTION - all of the custom Delete Private Data options in 12

    • Some way to manage local storage like in 12

    • The ability to configure external apps for unsupported protocols (like TELNET, IRC, MMS, RTSP, FTP, etc..)

    Not to mention that there needs to be an easier way to import the Opera 12 speed dial entries instead of having to go through the speeddial.ini file and add them manually.

  • There are, basically, two features i would like to see:

    • "remember content of visited pages"
    • Tab bar on the side (or a tab bar extender)
  • On crudomatic's post, I like folder in Stash idea a lot. As it is, there's not enough room there, so one hesitates too save too much. With a folder possibility, it might solve-replace some of the problems with the lost Notes function in Opera Presto. In that function, you could right click and save a website to a note, and then organize in folders. That's no longer there. It would be great to be able to do something like that with Stash.

    On the speed dial, an additional point. Maybe it would be good to be able to save/sync the Desktop speed dial to Opera for Android (mobile), and to sync it backward if needed. Then if you had to reinstall Desktop Opera, you could just sync it with the mobile browser. My understanding is that the sync feature -- between desktop and android browser -- doesn't currently go to the speed dial. (I'm going to be replacing my android tablet, and am already frustrated at having to redo the speed dial manually).

    Right clicking on the new tab button to get context menu (which includes PRIVATE WINDOW) is a good idea. It's too bad they can't do private tabs. I didn't know that private tabs were impossible? Is it the blink engine? Firefox (Gecko) also doesn't have private tabs. I liked that feature with private tabs, still in Opera 12.16.

    On the NUCLEAR OPTION, it seems like it's pretty much there in Opera 20. I mean if you have you checks in all the boxes, all you have to do is click on Clear Browsing Data and poof, it's gone 🙂 Also Opera 20 gives you the ability to clear the data from: the beginning of time, the past hour, the past day, the past week, or the past four weeks -- a feature (involving choice of the extent of clearing the data -- extensive in time or limited -- ) not present in Opera 12.16.

    On the Panels, I enjoyed the look (and the display of information it could provide), but it's not essential to me. They could do it as an option if it doesn't impair browser performance or isn't so costly as to be impractical.

    Not sure about the local storage issue.

    Some of the other stuff, I wouldn't use, so don't care about.

  • I just downloaded Opera what a waste of time. I have used Firefox for years but with their sudden political statement I no longer wanted to use them. Opera I cannot import bookmarks they don't have a search bar or favorites bar Nothing. Guess I will keep searching for a new browser. Opera you just failed to capitalize on a great opportunity.

  • Right clicking on the new tab button to get context menu (which includes PRIVATE WINDOW) is a good idea. It's too bad they can't do private tabs. I didn't know that private tabs were impossible? Is it the blink engine? Firefox (Gecko) also doesn't have private tabs. I liked that feature with private tabs, still in Opera 12.16.

    Opera button -> new private window. Or Ctrl+Shift+N. It's the same as Chrome in that regard.

  • aeridus, I know you can do private windows. With Opera 12.16 you can also do private tabs. In other words, you can have a regular browsing session, and then just set up one tab within the window as private. Crudomatic said they no longer can do that.

    Kentmansberger, your post is confusing to me. My understanding is that bookmarks can be imported, though I'm not an expert on it. Others can help you here. There has been discussion of how to do it in this forum. You say there is no search bar? You search from the Address bar. And you can select different search engines by right clicking on it. There's also a Google Search Bar in the speed dial. You can keep it, or delete it if you wish. You say, there are no favorites. You can have your bookmarks in a personal tool bar. Go to Menu, Settings, and then put a check in Show the Bookmarks bar. In the alternative, you can have your bookmarks in the speed dial (though I believe most users prefer to use the personal tool bar).

    You know, Kenmansberger, it takes a little energy to learn how to use something new. You don't seem to have given much energy to Opera. I'd say, maybe you have failed to capitalize on a great opportunity, by not giving any energy to learning how to do something new.