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new version - OUT OF MEMORY issue

  • 42.0.2393.94 Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)
    AVG anti virus

    Impossible to open tabs with Opera, except Facebook. The other are running for more than 30 min, without result

    But no problem to open the same 10 tabs with Firefox

  • What's that have to do with the thread subject?

    Try disabling your extension, and post the results in a new thread - or one appropriate to your topic.

  • Sorry ti have disturb you, my english is basic... Ok I leave opera

  • Lack of (Pagefile) RAM Gives Out Of Memory Error:SOLVED JAN 15th 2017
    Chances are your setting for pagefile size has never been changed. Well, it's time! Windows has been asleep at the wheel again and failed to notice that webpages are much more RAM intensive these days, and the default pagefile comes up a bit short when browsing. I can help some of you with the only thing that has worked for me since this Out Of "Memory" error started a few months back..
    Try this:
    Windows Control Panel > "System" > "Advanced System Properties" > then go to "Performance" section up top of the window, click "Settings".
    Now you will see "Performance Options". Go to "Advanced" > Click "Change"and increase your pagefile size. (1.5X Actual)
    It has worked for me and is still not giving me the "Out Of Memory" error since I did this!
    I shouldn't so won't give advice for how to, or how big your pagefile should be, that's for you to enjoy. 😃
    Why is this anyways?? The reason is webpages are becoming much more RAM intensive and found that Windows (wake UP!) just hasn't adjusted default settings for this phenomenon. It may also be from the way Opera handles its paging operations while browsing. We already know Opera uses more RAM and has more instances when running (Task Manager) than IE or FireFox. Give this a try, it can't hurt your PC.
    Just make your max pagefile 1.5 times actual physical RAM and it should work well! (If you already have lots of RAM this won't help!).
    I've not had the error since I bumped up my pagefile size so it should work for you too.

  • It worked to use the portable opera : until the devs fix this

  • It worked to use the portable opera

    If a portable/standalone installation doesn't have the issue then it may being caused by a bad/corrupted profile.

  • It's happening to me on both regular Opera and Portable opera. No difference after this last update either.

  • What is the problem with the constant "OUT OF MEMORY"???? This just started happening a few weeks ago and I can not take it anymore. I doubled my page file size and nothing. Turned off ALL extensions and noting. I am done with opera until they get their shit together. Whatever update you forced on me jacked up your browser. And do not go on blaming our systems for it when NO OTHER BROWSER has this issue on any of our rigs. That seems to be the one thing that every person complaining about this problem actually have in common.

  • Yeah, I have the the same issue with vpn turned on. But vpn is the main reason why I use Opera and not googlechrome... please fix it!!!

  • This problem is reproducible 100% of the time. Can't believe it's still not fixed.

    The problem also occurs on youtube livestreams and very long youtube videos.

    Windows 10 x64 Home

    Intel HD 520 graphics card (laptop)

    Avast anti-virus

    Windows Firewall

    No VPN

  • This problem is reproducible 100% of the time. Can't believe it's still not fixed.

    Really? Because I can't reproduce it at all. I sleep listing to YouTube videos, some of which run 10 hours long. I keep Opera running for days, sometimes weeks at a time, often with dozens of tabs open at once. So, saying the problem is 100% reproducible isn't accurate. It's 100% reproducible on less than 1% of machines.

  • I'm having the same issue. It started about a few? months back. My usage pattern hasn't changed and the symptom has started.

    System= Win 10 pro 64 bit, 64GB RAM, Xeon E5 CPU, Video cards=Nvidia Quadro 600, Tesla C2050.
    Opera version= 43.0.2442.991 (PGO)
    Opera addons= adblock plus, flash block plus, Google search image search

    My Usage pattern=

    • ONLY VPN turn on. VPN is the only reason I'm using Opera.
    • Single window, but multiple tabs 20-30 most of the times.

    After a while, I get OUT OF MEMORY. I have to restart, or sometimes need to close some tabs and reload. If I remember correctly, a few months back when this issue started, it showed "page crashed" (just like Chrome) page, then it changed to OUT OF MEMORY error page after a few updates.

    I've been changing settings, but not successful so far. Only remedy is open only several (10?) tabs. Or, if I get OOM error, close a few tabs, and reload pages -- that works sometimes, but sometimes the browser just crashes eventually. I've turned on automatic crash report, so I'm hoping Opera dev team have some idea and put out fix in near future.

    Chrome and Firefox can handle multiple windows (4-5) and each window has several tabs (10-30) and they do fine. But I use different browsers for different use -- Google for certain set of sites, and FF for other types, and Opera for VPN.

    I've been using Opera for a long time, even purchased when they used to sold the s/w, before Chrome came out, and Mozilla was dead, and Opera was the only competing browser against IE. I like Opera a lot, but too bad it's giving this specific error. Hope this gets fixed soon.

  • Try with a Clean Profile, here is the "How to" Frequently Asked Questions (Opera for Windows) .

  • Avast anti-virus

    Quite a few people are using Avast here. Just try with Avast completely disabled - does Opera behave better?

    And no, using PC without antivirus doesn't kill you, at least not immedately. Better to use non-admin Windows profile of course.

  • And no, using PC without antivirus doesn't kill you[]


  • Update:
    still using VPN. I don't use Avast. Just Windows Defender.
    Turned off all the extensions and the error hasn't happened yet.

  • The problem has been happening since at least several months. In my case, I think VPN causes the memory leak. With only several tabs open, especially with Youtube videos, the memory usage of Opera goes up to 1.5 GB. This is unacceptable. VPN itself is quite reliable, but when it is on; it somehow causes this out of memory situation.

    And a person mentioned other extensions are causing this, it doesn't seem to be true. With or without an adblocker, the problem still happens.

  • Update again:
    opera updated to 43.0.2442.1144 (PGO)

    OOM error happened again even with all the extensions are disabled. It took longer, but the error still happens.

    I agree -- youtube causes OOM error sooner.

  • I do not usuarlly use VPN but it's so weird... I recommend to try with disabling any AV and with a clean Opera profile.

    I suppose they test with at least Windows Defender, so should work unless it's a bug.

    If you can try with another PC or in a VM the situation could be isolated and discard any assumptions.

  • I have the same problem. windows10, windows defender. It happens every day. After it happend, I restart windows, so opera works for some time. Alternatively I use edge that doesn't claim any memory problem.

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