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Opera Mini 19 for Android

  • The Opera Mini for Android team is happy to announce the release of Opera Mini 19.

    In this version, we have restyled the address bar and Opera menu. Night mode is now available in the main menu, and we have moved “Share” and “Find in page” to the three-dots menu at the left end of the address bar. In addition to the updated address bar, we have made some improvements in auto suggestions as well. When you tap on the address bar, Opera Mini shows some visual site suggestions, depending on the selected search category.

    For those of you who live in the U.S. or Indonesia, your news feed has been upgraded with a new design.

    Please take Opera Mini for a spin and leave a comment with any feedback you may have for us.

    You can get Opera Mini for Android here:


    Opera Mini for Android team

  • Once Opera Mini was the best browser of all time but now it's nothing but a piece of crap !!!
    No new separated search bar, no downloading improvements, no ad-blocking improvements, no improvements for web video playing feature. Now opera mini dev. team just stuck with some kinda crappy stuff. such as - where should be the three dots, where should be the share menu, where should be the find in page menu, where should be the night mode menu. Oh !!! Come on. What about adding new features with make improvement the features which already in Opera Mini. Also opera guys mess with the address bar again & over again. Once they implant the separated search bar, again it removed. Then again add the search bar & again removed.
    I'm fully dissatisfied with Opera Mini & now I decided to move to UC Browser.

  • @jackob11 Stay tuned! Our next beta will include one of your wished features much improved.

  • Hi, I think the share menu has to be on the right, I understand the intension, but that is just the way Android is, share button on the right.

    I use the Mini version mainly for feed access in speeddial and extreme saving mode. My wish would be an option to turn the extreme saving mode of on Wifi

    Otherwise it's nice to see a low footprint browser like this being still in active development



  • updated to opera mini 19.0.2254.108259:

    not impressed after having tested the previous beta releases. still no google-free adress bar, instead we get useless search suggestions and pointless news forcefeeds.

    plus lots of android permission abuse.

    still the best small browser for android.


  • Once, Opera mini was worked on 2G networks.

  • @Jackobb11

    Spot on. Opera seems to have lost their vision. Misplaced their priorities more like.

    It's all about UI changes now.

    And who thought of moving the "Find in Page" feature to the top left which is OUT OF REACH and requires two hands to operate?!. Finding favourite team score lines or finding keywords on a lengthy page has never been more tedious.

    Also, why the seperate address and search bar?!

    The glorified Bookmark that is "Saved Pages" is still as useless as it gets after heavens knows many Betas and Final.

    Issue of app crash when scrolling through pages opened with both Extreme Savings mode and Normal mode still persists.

    Gosh, Version 19 has nothing to get excited about.

    Same faulty car but with different paint...and the Media Unit/Radio has been moved to the back seat.

  • Apologies if i sound gloomy but thats because i have watched used betas upon betas, finals upon finals and i feel that Opera seems to have lost its way.
    Once upon a time on Symbian and Java days, this used to be a browser to reckon with especially in India. It was a combination of speed, ease of use and useful implementations.

    Now UC Browser, Chrome and Firefox are biting off from Opera's share of the statistics.

  • Nice update, but the "Find in page" needs to go back to the main menu..


  • In UC mini, We can download and play videos from youtube. I want this feature in Opera mini.

  • Having Problem,
    In Extreme saving mode, Opera Mini can't able to share videos to Facebook via YouTube.
    In every youtube videos, there has an option to share this video to Facebook. In extreme mode, after clicking share to facebook. Facebook shows Error.
    While High saving mode & all other browsers are full ok to share videos from youtube to facebook.
    So, I suggest to developer team that Kindly take a view, and fix this problem.

  • Thanks a lot about your "Find in page" feedback. I have raised the issue to the design team.

  • I would like to know when the new google search page will be implemented to the stable version, as the old google search page is there in the stable version.

  • I would like to know when the new google search page will be implemented to the stable version

    What new Google page?

  • I would like to know when the new google search page will be implemented to the stable version

    What new Google page?

    I believe he's talking about Chrome's new tab page:

    I would like to know when the new google search page will be implemented to the stable version, as the old google search page is there in the stable version.

    Hello. If your talking about this:
    That is only available to Chrome. If your talking about a whole new look, I believe your thinking about the non mini version of Opera:

  • After auto update to operamini 19 my app got crushed. .After that I reinstalled app.Now I lost more than 100 saved pages and bookmarks. Now I want to recover all previous data.what should I do????...

  • I believe he's talking about Chrome's new tab page

    In this case the question should be if something like it will come to Opera.

  • I meant the Google search engine page, in stable Opera mini Google search page is of old where apps, news, etc aren't shown. Where as in beta Opera mini apps, news tabs options are shown

  • I have uploaded screenshot please see the difference