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Opera update to 39.0.2256.71 not working on 2nd PC

  • Hi,

    I just upgraded on PC 1 (Windows 10 upgraded from 7) from Opera 39.0.2256.48 to 39.0.2256.71 by using About ... relaunch now. Working.

    Then on my PC 2 I tried the same - but after pressing relaunch now - .48 is still alive and "Restart Opera to update to version 39.0.2256.71" + "Relaunch Now" button appears again. When I press the button Opera restarts and shows the same info .. looping.

    PC 2 is a fresh installed Windows 10 and Opera 39.0.2256.48 was the first version I have installed - and no other program until yet.

    ... but I have 2 other accounts on PC 2 (for the children). Could this be the reason that the upgrade does not work? They are not logged in. I also restared the PC but it does not help.

    Any idea?

  • Any idea?

    Download and run the installer, it should solve the issue.

  • Yes of course, that works.

    But what is the problem that the other way doesn't work?

  • But what is the problem that the other way doesn't work?

    Probably a installation issue.

  • This issue is known and already solved internally/

    Next update will fix this.

  • Well, I'm not a happy bunny!

    The main issue, which has taken me ages* to get to be able to post:

    I must say, since the latest upgrade to Opera 39.0.2256.71 on Windows 8, things seem to have definitely got worse. Everything seems to have noticeably slowed down. I now seem to be left hanging around for ages waiting for many web pages to finish loading. Including this one.

    '* It has taken me ages because when I tried to log on I couldn't. I then discover my account is inaccessible (No - password reminder didn't mail me) but when I try to recreate the account the username is in use. Yes. By me. Not!

    So I have had to recreate my original user account with a modified username.

  • Turn off Turbo and turn off the VPN. Does that help?

  • Turn off Turbo and turn off the VPN. Does that help?

    Nope. Neither Turbo or VPN are on.

  • But disabling and then re-enabling a couple of browser plugins (Flash and PDF) seems as if it may have done the trick.

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