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[Solved]Asus site not rendering well with Blink engine

  • This url, for example:

    This is how it should look:

    And this is how it looks in Opera, Chrome and Vivaldi:

    The difference is huge! It works fine in Firefox and IE11, but also fails in Edge. Any ideas of why?

  • Here I got the same result - like in your second picture - on all browsers using the given link.

  • Yeah, for me Firefox looks like the second picture. So it isn't just Blink-based browsers. Even Presto looks like the second image ...

  • Seriously? Using Firefox 48.0.2 and IE11 on Win 7 x64 it shows like the first screenshot.

    Well, this is really strange... This happened in both Opera and Chrome:
    -Site shows the black version
    -Open private window
    -Open developer toolbar and start recording the network activity
    -Load the site... it loads fine!!!!!!
    -Close the window, open another private window and it's still working fine!
    -Then I try again and the black version is back, even with the developer toolbar...

    There must be a reasonable explanation for this! The only thing I found is that the contents that are not being rendered are inside an iframe. This is with Blink:

    <iframe id="ifame_auto_size" class="auto_h" frameborder="0" width="100%" scrolling="no" src=""></iframe>

    And with Firefox:

    <iframe style="height: 931px;" id="ifame_auto_size" class="auto_h" scrolling="no" src="" frameborder="0" width="100%"></iframe>

    The domain is the same so I don't know why some browsers may not load that.

  • There is no "src" in the version you see for Blink, so they must be using a script to set it ...

  • How strange, it works perfectly in Opera 12.18 as well!

  • It seems it was Asus' fault, the page appears to be fixed now. A lot of nasty JS they have in that site. :S