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  • Hello,
    Today happened a strange thing. I opened opera, like usual and I saw that I was signed off. I try it to sign in, but useless. The same even on my cell phone and on other 2 computers where I was Opera installed and sync with my ald account. I try it to reset the pass but I did not received nothing.
    I was forced to make another account. This is not normal.
    The strange thing is that I try it to make a new account with my usual nickname but it say that the nickname is not available because is in use.
    I have this nickname from a very long time, I think 10 years or something like that.
    Can someone help me?

    Thank you.

  • There are intermittent issues with the syncing servers at the moment, and we have no ETA as of yet; you just need to retry resetting the password for your main account (not the second one) every once in a while. Deepest apologies for that.

  • thank you for the answer.
    I can understand sync issue but you had even authentication issue?

  • The problem is somewhat complicated. Apologies once again; all I can say is that the team is working really hard, even at this very moment.

  • I understand. Thank you.

  • Is there somewhere you can track the state of these services so you don't have to go digging through a lot of forum posts to see if someone else are having issues, or if it is just you. Logging in here only works by using my connected google account at the moment. I have tried changing my password, but I don't know if the change went through as several attempts at updating my profile seem to be lost.

    FYI it seems my last sync was on 12 of July as that is my last history entry. That history page is worthy of its own thread though...

  • For this specific issue, here's the official announcement just published:

  • yeah, Opera's servers got hacked today.

  • Still my problem remain. I try it to reset my old pass and the server don't send me any email for reset. For the new account made today work well, but for the old I don't receive nothing.
    The biggest problem is that the email with I made my old account doesn't exist anymore. How can I regain access to my account in this case?

  • How can I regain access to my account in this case?

    Their server must have been overloaded today, so you may need to wait a little bit more for the password resetting email.

    You can also try again later.

  • I really can understand that, but if that was the case, why I can reset the pass of my new account and cannot for the old account?
    Anyway, to wait is not a problem, I know what means their problem. I hope only that I can access my old account

  • Just commenting that I had no trouble resetting my password, but hope the Opera browser resists hacking better than the Opera site.