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Very long extension moderation process

  • @tnowak said in Very long extension moderation process:

    "Well-known third-party libraries must be in a genuine and in an unchanged form. They should be acquired from the vendor’s official website or a CDN."

    How is the check done? SHA-256 hash comparison between the included file and the file for the latest version of the library?

    Was just wondering how @commaticus could check before-hand just to make sure the system will be happy.

  • @commaticus

    1. Unused files in the last package you submitted:
       → find -type f -size 0
    2. Could you please provide links to these files on the official websites? I can only find ones with a comment containing the version number on the first line.

    Libraries need to be byte for byte exact copies, so SHA-256 hash comparison can be used to check that.

  • In my opinion, why is Opera is making live Debug of Extension on a public thread?
    Please fix the delays in Opera extensions and reply on the extension admin-dev chat directly.
    I have extensions with + 1 year waiting...
    Just fix the delays, hire more people to do reviews and stop this circus.


  • @oinkandstuff said in Very long extension moderation process:

    why is Opera is making live Debug of Extension on a public thread?

    Because people started doing it here?

  • Could you please take a look at package/239325/
    The automated process didnt seem to work.
    Ive waited over a week with no response, just submitted an update.. but I dont imagine it will add itself..

  • @tnowak hello. Please post the extension. Made all the corrections indicated by the moderators. package/21805

  • @tnowak, we have made all the appropriate changes and submitted the extension once again. Could you check it at your convenience?

  • Hello. Why can’t my extension be published for more than 2 months? Users complain that it does not work (see the latest comments in the reviews). Other extensions at are updated, and new ones appear every day. My extension has over 1 million downloads, good reviews. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefeh published a new version during the day. Why are there such delays in Opera? In the panel, the developer generally moderators do not respond.


  • @tnowak said in Very long extension moderation process:

    Our moderation queue is integrated with the points system mentioned by @tprockow. We are in the process of fine-tuning its parameters to give priority to good or popular extensions, yours included. It should be much better now.

    Sounds great. However, this is not very similar to reality. It doesn't really look like something has changed.

    Since the update you posted on Aug 6, 2019 9:15:56 AM UTC none of the following has been accepted or rejected. All subsequent updates are just "Awaiting moderation".

    Last update I posted on Aug 30, 2019 2:11:29 PM UTC
    Play Shikimori Online v1.1.0 on Opera Developer: Published.
    Play Shikimori Online v1.1.0 on Opera Next: Published
    But not Opera Stable.

    For Opera Stable comes the update of Aug 6, 2019 9:15:56 AM UTC — you posted. 🤷♂

  • @tnowak It seems to me that life would be much easier for everyone if Opera would simply close Opera Add-Ons and build support for the Chrome Web Store into Opera. Why not let a 800 billion dollar corporation with 98,000 employees do the moderation work and store maintenance for you - for free? It works for Vivaldi. It works for Brave. Without Opera Add-Ons, Opera staff could spend more time draining those bug queues – or taking longer weekends 🙂

  • @jerrykrinock In my opinion this is not a good idea. Would you let any other company decide which features would be available in your product and which would not? After all, if Google one day decides to change its policy and block all extensions that look or feel bad in one way or another, then Opera will lose all products.

    It is not good to depend on another company.

    In addition, the Opera has its own APIs and its own moderation policy. Here's an example: helper - this extension was quietly added to the Opera Store but not allowed in the Chrome Store;

  • @brainierweb until jerrykrinock answered, I will try to give you an answer. You may not have noticed, but over the past 3-4 years, the opera extensions have had the same problems, they have remained, nothing has changed. You ask, would I like another company to interfere in my affairs? if I can’t work correctly and my clients have problems from my “bad” work, yes, such a company should either close or cooperate with a company that can solve problems. If you indicate that google may block some extensions, so what? there will only be 3-5% of these, but the remaining 95% of normal extensions will work and update normally, do you understand this?

    the Opera has its own APIs - Opera and Google chrome work on one engine, the extension for chrome works fine on opera

    moderation policy - should not be a bureaucratic tool, it should work correctly, which, unfortunately, is not here

  • @tnowak I completely corrected my extension according to your recommendations and requirements. I also completely replaced the promotional photo. Please check my extension. Thanks you

  • It has been a year since we submitted our extension for moderation process. We even submitted a zip since the reviewer asked for unobfuscated code. Since then i haven't received any response to any of the messages. Why is this taking so long for you guys?

  • @vkey What extension?

  • Dear moderators, please check the extension package/239893/
    Thank you very much, with respect!

  • @burnout426 Extension ID is : ggmlnbehkjpdgoegolidnahigfhhelnj

  • I submitted a new extension for opera and a moderator asked for unobfuscated code zipped. No response from moderator since after us sending in the unobfuscated code zip. Its been a year already since submission, why is it taking so long ?

    Extension ID : ggmlnbehkjpdgoegolidnahigfhhelnj
    Extension Name : Zoho Vault

  • Hi, could you checked these extensions?
    Extension 01 ID: kcaaapepfkoeldehddpnipbpcjnigbpk
    Extension 02 ID: limojbjbciioojjjkambcnimemgelmeh
    - Thank you.