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  • wikipedia says that opera mail is cross platform. However, it looks like only Windows is available.
    is this true or can someone give me a link?

    If there is no mail program for Linux, is there a plan to make one soon?
    I like the browser and would imagine the mail client is just as good.
    I do not like thunderbird.

  • In what language of the Wikipedia page? Because in English, it stands that it's available for OSX and Windows, not for Linux.

    Anyway, the info above is correct. There is no Linux version, and it seems Opera is not working on the mail client either. The chance of a Linux version is very small. The client is based on Presto (used in Opera 12), and as Opera is using Presto no more, Opera mail seems like, as others on the forums have stated, a dead-born product.

  • There was a non-public development version for Linux just before they released the stable versions for the other platforms. At the time, the new Opera for Linux wasn't ready, so they didn't release Mail for Linux. When Opera for Linux was finally updated to the new version, I did tell them they should release Mail as well, but they aren't interested. When they issued that surprise update for Windows earlier, I tried again but same result. 😞

    Mind you, I still use that development version, but I can't give it to anyone without their permission, so ...

  • I am installing wine now. Is there an email address to get a dev release on linux. I was once an msvc programmer (16 years ago) so I can offer useful feedback.

  • The version I have is too old and I'm sure they have no interest in feedback. Unless enough people post to convince them there is sufficient interest, they will not bother with it now.

  • wikipedia link says cross platform.

  • If you look at the full article, they are referring to email in Opera.

  • Ok. I am quite happy with thunderbird. i just installed it. The main thing I need is limiting downloads and attachments. thanks... I can run opera mail in wine if needed.

  • If you want an alternative, there is Geary as well.

  • The standalone Opera Mail is an unfinished and buggy product. It's just Opera 12 with some preferences disabled/hidden, a new importer, and a few UI tweaks to hide the browser parts and make it mail-only.

    You can just use the Opera Mail that's built into Opera 12 and add/set the http and https protocols under "advanced -> programs" in preferences if you want links in messages to open up in a certain browser.