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  • I just found out about Vivaldi. Is it part of Opera or is it a separate product?

    Do you recommend I use it?

    Does it have fast forward?

  • Vivaldi was started by former Opera CEO Jon von Techner (sorry, I forget how it is spelled) and is not related to Opera otherwise, I don't actually recommend it yet as it is not mature - they only recently released version 1.0 - but it does have Fast Forward.

  • Thanks. I'll do anythting to get Fast Forward.

  • In Opera 12.17 there was a Fast Forward button (when I hover the cursor over it, it shows as 'next (space)'. Is it called Fast Forward or Next?

    Vivaldi doesn't seem to have it.

  • Vivaldi doesn't seem to have it.

    I don't think any browser has it nowadays.

  • Opera (Presto versions) called it Fast Forward, but the name of the button would change according to the link it was finding. Yes, Vivaldi has it though the icon is a "cue" icon as you'd see in some media player - a right-pointing arrowhead meeting a vertical line, sort of like >| but touching. And no, it's not as good at finding "next" links as Presto was, yet. But for example, it does work on the topics list page here.

  • It worked so well in Opera 12.17. Wonder why?

  • It worked so well in Opera 12.17. Wonder why?

    Probably because things have changed a lot on the web.

  • Vivaldi is based on Chromium, just like new Opera. Nothing from old Opera can be simply transferred - everything has to be written from scratch. Give it time.

  • I have averted comment about I have migrated to Vivaldi, because I am in the Forums of Opera, a concurrent, beyond my respect and much good remembrances. But, with the opening of this topic which I have never had acquaintance, and the opening is given as permitted, I guess that write something regarding this is not anti ethical

    Still more that I didn't come here to point aspects minus favorable to Opera, but, yes, do justice and situate Vivaldi in the skies, because it actually deserves and more than deserves. Vivaldi has been a dream for me.

    When browsing by means of it, it is alike I am in an astonishing road, surrounded by an astonishing landscape, in a limousine. I only leave say with a glass of champagne Veuve Cliquot, for I stopped to drink and the dream I'm experiencing can go without other components.

    The browser is beautiful to more don't be possible. I feel me glorious.

    Harbingers of catastrophe say that my dream can have short life. But, at least it will have a duration, and while I will be dreaming, I avoid be awake, and stay free, and happy. Why should I must retire my focus from the dream and put it in what people calls reality?

    It may be eternal while it lasts.

  • Whilst Vivaldi is generally OK, I really loathe it's Start Page 'speed dial'. You can't scale the size of the rather large dials, you can't drag a dial onto another to create a folder and folders just display a generic folder icon which is lame. I have also found that the Chrome extension Click&Clean that I use to delete browsing data when I close the browser doesn't work properly with Vivaldi. Also, and I'm aware it's still a relatively new browser with a long way to go to mature but the UI is damn ugly. Think I'll stick with Opera.

  • "À chacun son goût". The sell to Chinese Consortium definitely led me to waiver. With much regret, initially, but, currently, totally surpassed by the motifs I put above. For those that think Vivaldi will live the same situation than Opera/Presto lived, I put the link bellow:


  • Vivaldi is (still) Chromium, in that sense it can't have the problems Presto did. Presto was a unique rendering engine with too small a market share for most websites to consider it worth testing on, while both Vivaldi and new Opera use the Blink engine (Chromium). Other than the minor differences between Chromium and Chrome (proprietary codecs, especially) there is little comparison with the situation Presto faced. I like the fact that much of the old Opera team is involved with Vivaldi, but I won't claim it is "there" yet. Though then again the Sync issues in Developer make me wonder if Opera is where it should be either ...

  • but I won't claim it is "there" yet.

    However, it seems to be heading in large and relatively rapid pace. Some whom fear the future of Vivaldi, I think they are more afraid of the amount of customization that the browser tends to offer than of the engine and other technical details

  • A curiosity: being, currently, a Vivaldi user, does not leave to call my attention the vinculation that certain layers of users continue keeping a fairly deep connection with Opera.

    Sometimes within sentimental character, it is not uncommon that people perceive in them frustrations, sorrows, regrets, even though being they located, in my view, within a continuation of their beloved Opera and in my judgment, a continuation in several aspects very improved because is immersed in a conjuncture that follows advances in technology, seeking, miraculously, keep an incredibly personalized browser. In their forums, there is more of a topic with the focus in Opera. As a curiosity, I beg permission to indicate one of them:

    Vivaldi/Opera linkings