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Speed dial page theme brightness is dark. Settings page is normal.

  • This just started today.

    The theme brightness on the speed dial page is very dark.

    On the Settings page, it's normal brightness. Did something change today?

  • i see that too. i imagine the intent might've been to make foreground items more readable, but in reality it just makes the bakcground look worse. i'd like to disable this darkening feature.

  • having the same issue and is really annoying me...
    hope they fix this soon.

  • Now this morning I see some changes on the speed dial page, and I'm liking those changes very much. More themes are now! My all time favorite theme, the greenery with some leaves, has been toned down somewhat, darkened; thanks, it was too glaring for me, so I appreciate it very much! I find it easier to read the under-titles for each site. Did the under-titles even exist before today's update? Anyway, they really pop nice. Perhaps you could give us choices when it comes to brightness, but please don't take away the the new darkened one; I like it very much. Please keep the themes (preferably non-moving ones) coming. 🙂

  • Darkened theme is very depressing. Please get rid of the darkening.

  • Hey fellas, how about fixing the dark speed dial pages some control over the rest of the colors, ect. Because it certainly is suckin' now.
    Every time I see something like this I think of the old "If it's not broken don't fix it" saying.

  • Hi, me again. Well I've been bumping around the interwebs and found this "" guess the dark overlay isn't a bug but a feature that we all needed but didn't know it. So now if you had a nice cheery theme you liked, those days are through as this is now on by default. I guess the world needs more gloom. sigh
    I have to wonder what's going to be "fixed" next.

  • I read that article. It says, as a theme designer, you have two choices.

    How about giving the damn user the same option?

    Sometimes it's the stupid, insignificant little things that breaks the camels back.

    Are you listening opera?

  • Are you listening opera?

    Nope. The devs don't get out here much.

  • What has changed is that the title used to appear in black letters in a little white box on the tile itself. They've moved the title to below the tile, and used plain white text which doesn't show up on light backgrounds. Good solutions would have been to leave things as they were, or, if they had to move the title, they could have used white letters with black borders, which would show up on any background. Instead they went with the ghastly solution of graying the background, which makes the background ugly and depressing while leaving the titles hard to read.

  • I like it. It makes the dials look better. For me the dials are the point so I rate the new look a plus.

  • I found a solution:

    "chrome://flags/#no-theme-overlay" = enabled

    Now put "use overlay = false" under [Start Page] in your persona.ini.

    Tell me, if it works.

  • I found a solution:
    "chrome://flags/#no-theme-overlay" = enabled
    Now put "use overlay = false" under [Start Page] in your persona.ini.
    Tell me, if it works.

    Works Fine Thanks !!

  • As mentioned in , certain themes with light backgrounds were not readable with the new speed dial text so a light grey background was introduced to make sure the text is legible.

    We wanted to have the theme maker have control on whether they want their theme to be available with or without the overlay, which is why we introduced the 'user overlay = true | false' setting in the Persona.ini file which they could use to specify that.

    Advanced users can also goto chrome://flags/#no-theme-overlay as mentioned above and disable it themselves. Having it as a more accessible option so that its available from a more obvious place is good feedback and we'll discuss this internally. Thanks!

  • Where is that ominous Persona.ini file located?

  • Where is that ominous Persona.ini file located?

    In the theme zip file AFAIK.

  • Thanks, that was a very detailed and exhaustive explanation!

  • Thanks for the "chrome://flags/#no-theme-overlay" suggestion. Unfortunately it didn't work for me.I tried every combination and no joy. I'm running 64-bit Linux, is there anything thing else I could try? I know just enough to be dangerous so I'm willing to fiddle with things.

    I prefer bright backgrounds (old eyes) and the gray overlay kinda kills that whole thing.

  • You might try asking on the Linux forum. This is the Windows forum. It might be that the Linux build has something specific to it that we don't cover here.

  • Thanks lando, I will.