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Let's get right down to it, Opera Devs: Where, on God's green earth, are BOOKMARKS??

  • Compile a list of the feature that you used and want -- not a list in the abstract. Then you need to see if the features can be approximated via extension, by looking at what's available in the Opera add-on store, and Chrome web store for extensions. In doing that, you may discuss things via extension that help the Office, and were not available in Opera 12.17. Only when you are certain that you cannot replicate a feature that you need, or work around it can you productively address the developers (of Opera, or better yet, of extensions) with your real needs. The list of extensions grow when developers understand what the real need it. Some of what you want may not at all need to be added to the basic browser. Best of luck to you, convergencecos.

  • @convergencecos, If you are happy to go back to using Opera 12.17 on your new machines, because of the loss of functionality that the new version of Opera seems to have for your needs, you can find the older version from the official link below. Assuming you are using Windows.

  • For what it's worth, I don't like the bookmarks system either.
    I wish it was simplified and I could have a file for recipes, for grandkids, for gardening, for political, games, etc., and then had a choice/option when I book mark which file I want to send a book mark to.
    I have hundreds of bookmarks and it's always a hassle to find a particular one. I find the pages I want by the picture icon easier than reading them.
    I really wish bookmarks would give me an easy option to send particular pages to particular files based on subject/content.
    I do like speed dial but now it's getting crowded.

  • I use bookmark manager extension Neater Bookmarks,
    and with it whenever I make a bookmark, it essentially asks me to set up the folder I want to put it in (via an easy option). It has a drop down menu with all the folders I have with bookmarks, and I just click where I want to put the new bookmark.

  • @tentamak

    You can have what you want. But you need to make some general folders in subject areas that work for you. You right click on an empty space at the end of the personal bookmarks bar, and choose "add folder." Now in creating the folder, you can name it. You can have a folder, called, "grandkids." Then make another one called "gardening." Make another called "politics." Make a fourth one for "games." I'm just using these as examples. You can name them as you want. Now these folders you have just created are sitting on your personal bookmarks bar empty. Now drag your bookmarks in each of the subject areas to these folders. All the bookmarks you have relating to grandkids, you drag with the mouse to the "grandkids" folder. If you do that with all the folders, pretty soon, you are organized.

    Once you have the folders, that extension, Neater Bookmarks (that I mentioned in my last post) can help a bit, when you create new bookmarks, because it will present a list of all of your folders -- the ones you have created -- and all you have to do is put the new bookmark you just took in the folder that you want. It's not essential though. I took a closer look at your last post, and I think you haven't been creating folders in subject areas, and it's easy enough to do. It's also essential or one gets overwhelmed by too many bookmarks. 🙂

  • The good old Opera, like v. 12.17 that I'm still using, was/is extra nice because it has the feature where you can click the far left side of the screen to instantly and easily open or close the bookmark panel on the left. I don't want to waste screen space with a permanently open bookmark bar.

    What's going on? Suddenly all the good browsers are getting trashed. Firefox just the same, with the awful v.29.

  • You don't need a permanently open Bookmarks bar in Opera 21. Get a bookmarks manager extension like Neater Bookmarks, that gives you a drop down of the bookmarks, when you click on the extension icon. As for the Personal bookmarks bar, just go alt P, and take the dot out of show the Bookmarks. Now you have a minimal interface. If you worry about making a bookmark, use the Opera extension, Add bookmark, which puts a star in the address bar to make the bookmark, if you want. Or it's easy to put the bookmarks bar back for an instant if you need it -- just Alt P and put the dot back in. It's practically a toggle. Alt P and take it out. Alt P and put it back for the moment you want to see it. Remember, just clicking on the icon manager extension lets you see the vertical bookmarks in a drop-down vertical display. Most of the time that's all you need.

  • That sounds so complicated - and I also want a permanently open panel on the left showing all my bookmarks with all the folders and subfolders - will going through all those hoops get me that back? - just the way it always used to be - but one that I can easily add new bookmarks to, or delete old ones - and yet can easily be removed to clear up screen space and then put back again, preferably by a simple motion of the mouse rather than the keyboard - just the way it used to be. In other words what I have now with my Opera 12.17 - and Comodo Ice Dragon has it too (CID is like the real Firefox as opposed to the dumbed down Chrome-clone new model, analogous to Opera).

  • Very simple, not complicated, but it's not a permanently open panel. You have to click on the extension icon to open it. I use Firefox, as a backup, and there I have a nice side-panel extension for the old Opera look. But I've come to learn I don't crave it. The side-panel is an addiction like heroin. 😉 I went cold turkey awhile. And compared to Firefox, and Presto, the new Opera is leaner and faster. Varoooooooooom! Why, it could run circles around Secretariat.

  • Ha ha! OK, I'm trying out the new Opera 21 now - b-b-but i have over 4,000 bookmarks!

  • Maybe I'm getting the hang of it a little bit now...


  • Save your bookmarks to html. play with online bookmark managers and extensions. Find the one you like and in the process backup your bookmarks, tidy your bookmarks, learn more about your bookmarks, try new tools and techniques, increase your learning curve. Go on be brave and enjoy 64 bit, hardware accelerated, state-of-the-art, way fast Opera Browser for it's leaps, bounds and stuff like that.

  • Why isn't this a thing yet!?!? Can you hear us devs!?

  • It seems to me that Opera V.22 has many bookmarking options. They do not emulate the Bookmark menu with which you are familiar but the functionality is still there. Between that bookmarks bar, speed dial and stash I have found there is no lack of bookmark saving options.
    I agree with you that at first glance it seems as Opera has been left wanting but I have found that with time I am able to navigate to my favourite pages with ease.
    I have further found that in reality there are fewer than 10 or so bookmarks that I access with any kind of regularity.

  • I have to import my bookmark folder to the speed dial to be able to search them from the address bar.
    Besides gaining this search function, what's the point of cluttering the speed dial with a bookmarks
    folder you will never browse because of the sheer size and the fact they are not organized alphabetically.

  • I really have to say my thought about this now.
    As so many others, it seems, I have been using opera for a loooong time, since it was a paid browser.
    I am still using 12.17, because well, its the best browser there is really. Well, with one problem, that you have to restart it every so often otherwise it hogs up way to much resources.
    And as irritating as that can be, its not nearly as irritating as upgrading to a new version of the browser and there is NOTHING of the old left.

    I tried Opera Next as late as today to see if it was any better, had it installed since earlier and also tried a fresh install.
    The biggest problem ofc is Bookmarks, and NO Stash and Speed Dial are not good replacements.
    Bookmarks bar... erhh... I dont want another bar to take place in my browser, its fine with a menu or quick access manager (F4).
    On that note, Bookmarks bar seems to really fucking bad implemented, I cant import any bookmarks to it.
    There is just no option where its supposed to be. Menu - More Tools - No import bookmarks.

    I know about extensions also, the official Bookmarks Manager is just SHIT and all the rest wants to use the bookmarks bar.

    It is REALLY bad that you would need to spend hours of time just to get a WEB BROWSER in good working condition. That is just not a good program then.

  • Failure is not a problem, unless it is failure to recognize failure.

    i have used opera exclusively since Netscape on OS/2 went away. I have enjoyed Opera because they were always willing to innovate, to push the bar, and to introduce new ways of doing things. I comment Opera for trying to find a replacement system for Bookmarks. The problem is that they have failed miserably.

    For now i keep going back to opera 12. and waiting for someone to recognize that the options provided are insufficient for some percentage of their user base. And to realize that because options are good, they can Add 'Old Fuccedup way of managing bookmarks' as an option. Make fun of me for using it while the enlightened crowd uses stash and scrolls through speed dial. I'm OK with that. Just don't tell me the emperor's clothes are nice. Be blind and stay blind. i don't care. But don't limit my options. I'm tired of O12.. but here i go again..

  • Open opera://flags/#bookmarks and enable it.

    Than open chrome-extension://knohfebhibeknbfioecpdmdkjkjdnjnl/manager/bookmarks.html

  • On Opera Next and Developer editions there is also the address opera://bookmarks that will open the bookmark window.
    And, if you bookmark a page and then click again on the star, you will have an option to look to the bookmark just created in the very same bookmark window mentioned above. But, as tomekaze says, you have first to enable them in the "Experiments" page.

    I don't like the way they hide those settings, and it's a real mess to come up with those hidden address, as the address for opera://flags and the Experiments that they propose. I don't like the stash idea either nor the bookmark bar as the default repository for bookmark, and that cannot be changed easily or, better, intuitively.

    So, I totally agree with the OP and the many others that complains about this Devs choice to tailors the browsing experience in a draconian way. This is not 'choice' this is an imposition that we USERS do not like. Devs, please, do something about it.

    Anyway, the search function on opera://bookmarks is broken. I really hope that in the 'improvements' that the Devs are promising there will be a search feature proud of its name.

    Finally, do I MUST really rely on 'extensions' to have a 'standard' browsing experience? This is ridiculous!

    BTW, the search feature in the forum is broken too... have you noticed?