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  • hello there,
    I have some pretty annoying issue with opera browser lately.
    every time I open a pdf file in the browser and try to use searching via ctrl+f, it always moves me through the document if the doc contains the keyword, but never jumps to position where it actually is. it doesn't even highlight the occurrences of the word. marks on the scrolling bar where the word should be aren't as well correctly placed, when I move manually to the position, the word is never even on that page.
    so that the searching function is utterly useless, only thing that it tells you is that if the desired word actually is somewhere in the document, which is not really very helpful.
    on the other hand, searching on websites works fine.
    I tried to reinstall opera but no change.
    can someone help me solve this?
    thanks in advance.

  • Are you using the build in PDF plugin (Chrome PDF) or a 3rd party PDF plugin?

  • probably the build in one (never downloaded any). but it used to work correctly until few days/weeks ago, don't know what happened. I didn't even changed any settings or something.

  • ok then, if no one can solve this issue, does someone know any other good pdf plugin which works well?

  • Adobe? 😃

  • Adobe is not usable to open .pdf files in Opera 34.0 and it isn't an Opera plugin


  • I have the same issue. Also, I notice the scrollbar actually scrolls through past the last page of pdf (like page numbers keep increasing as you scroll even though you are at the last page). This is due to I having 4k laptop screen. I do not see this issue on PC with regular monitor.

  • For what it's worth, I use PDF-XChange Viewer.

    Works very well.

  • operahandsdown:
    yes, this happens to me as well and I have a pretty normal and common full HD laptop screen. I noticed that the number of pages shown is the actual number of pages, but the counting along the scrolling doesn't work well. like it increases the page number after one and a third of next page or so, so when you reach the last page, the number is lower than the actual number on the page.

    thanks, but is there an opera plugin for this? I have found only a version which opens documents saved in PC.

    I actually haven't find any related settings in opera, where to change viewer or something like that, am I missing something?

  • Any news to a solution ? Using Opera 38 and still have the same problem...

  • Any news to a solution ? Using Opera 38 and still have the same problem...

    The issue was reported already?

  • I have another problem related to pdf search, in my example O38 does not search the pdf at all, but it searches heading in the html

  • I have the same problem with Opera 38 :awww:

  • Exactly same problems here.

    1. Searching some words, it displays correctly the occurrences number, but it doesn't display them.
    2. Scrolling the last page always goes down, even if the end is reached.

    Opera beta 40.0.2308.11

  • This is not the Opera Beta forum. Any problems with non-Stable versions of Opera should be discussed the their assign forum.

  • I've had this issue since like forever (since Opera adopted the Chrome engine IIRC). It affects all my computers (4 of them, with different monitor resolutions so probably that's not the deciding factor) so I thought it would be obvious and known, and never bothered to search for it until now. I just learned to use a different browser to view PDF's, or download them and open them with Adobe.

    By the way, it's not a beta issue, currently I'm experiencing it in 40.0.2308.62 Stable for W64 - but I've experienced it in pretty much every version.

  • Just found a Chrome Extension that's working pretty good for me. Its a PDF viewer that uses HTML.

    It jumps to the found search term and it highlights it very well. Here's the link,

  • Any update at ALL ?? I have been struggling with this issue ever since they found a fix for the DPI scaling issue which was since... version 25 ? And now it is version 40 ! Did Opera developers have issues reproducing it or is it simply NOT important to look into ??

  • Did Opera developers have issues reproducing it

    This was reported already? If so, what is the bug ID?

  • I have no idea. I reported this bug multiple times and included my email address but it didn't look like they sent status update to me, not even a receipt of whether the bug is entered into the system. I will try to report it again.