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  • One of the best features used to be the scroll arrows on the right side that enabled you to scroll all the way up or down with one tap. But they've disappeared recently. How can I reenable them? Or have they deliberately been taken out. If so, why?

  • I still can see them here when i scroll a page.

  • They appear when you are scrolling, then will disappear shortly after you stop.

  • They're not appearing for me. I cleared the app data still no.
    Then I cleared data, uninstalled and then did a new install. (From the Google play store).
    Still no arrows. I'm confused.
    Is there a setting in opera://flags to activate it?

  • They appear when you are scrolling, then will disappear shortly after you stop.

    True, you need toi be fast to use them.

  • Is there a setting in opera://flags to activate it?

    Not that i know.

  • Yeah. Not here on my rooted quadcore.
    But then ES task manager seemed to add & slow other things, so only just noticed now I've uninstalled the .estrongs stuff.

  • ES spyware? Sony/CM patent.

  • The sign must appear on fast scroll.

  • I uninstalled, cleared data and reinstalled again. Still no arrows. Then I installed Opera Beta. No arrows there either.

    Then I installed Opera Mini. Opera Mini has the arrows! But not normal Opera, which I prefer. Can any dev comment on this? The arrows is one of the main features that distinguish Opera from Chrome.

  • The sign must appear on fast scroll.

    Yes. They only appear when scrolling faster than reading speed

  • OK some more investigation:
    (and this is after clearing data, uninstalling, and fresh installing the apps from Google Play)

    No arrows on normal Opera. No arrows on Opera Beta.

    The arrows appear on Opera Mini, BUT ONLY on Extreme Savings mode. When I switch to High Savings, the arrows disappear again. No arrows when scrolling. Switch back to Extreme, the arrows come back.

    What could be causing this???

  • Have the same situation. Last Opera version, which have this scroll buttons is 30. After that, there is no buttons.
    Devs just pure it out, IMHO.

  • I was having this same issue. I determined it was because I had the animation options turned off in my Android settings -> Developer Options. Once I re-enabled the animation options the on-screen scroll arrows returned in Opera.

  • You're a genius, horshack. That absolutely works! Brought back my scroll arrows. I'd disabled the animation options a while ago.

    I've re-enabled all three: window animation scale, transition animation scale and animator duration scale. I noticed that the higher the duration selected, the longer the arrows stay on screen. 0.5x is a bit short but 1x seems about right. Shame animation has to be on though as I find things much quicker without. Nevertheless, I'm glad to have the arrows back.