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  • Thanks for reply

    Yes, i use classic window theme. What a shame opera don't have a option to disable a skin, is a nonsense

    I will switch to Firefox for now, hope Opera will do some kind of support for skins, or at least, use the default windows theme (in my case no theme at all)

  • Unfortunately I suspect that Windows XP users will be stuck permanently with the way Opera looks now.
    We are lucky that Opera still choose to support XP at all.

  • Well, sadly even if they support XP is pretty uggly,no way to use opera with this blue skin (beside, most web browsers still support XP)

    Im using opera since windows 3.1, and always was very flexible about customize, thats why my big surprise

  • Windows XP is 14 years old, its support has been discontinued by MS and it has dozens of known security issues that will never be fixed. Plus its interface is so dated as to be painful to anyone used to using Windows 7 or later. Anyone still using it as their 'daily driver' operating system seriously needs to reconsider their life choices.

    most web browsers still support XP

    They support it because Windows XP uses the same core technology as more modern versions of Windows. Windows is just that good when it comes to backwards compatibility (in the past it wasn't). That doesn't make it a good idea. You really need to move on. You can get a used computer for the price of a couple of cups of coffee thats capable of running Windows 10 (as it has the same system requirements at Windows 7) and be much better off from a support, safety and ergonomics standpoint. Plus any hardware thats 12-15 years old is well past its useful life and could fail on you at any time.

  • "XP is not supported"

    It is the same ugly blue bar in Win 7 with classic theme enabled

  • facelessblack say everything, just a Opera bad moving in the customizing area, thats all. No more, no less

    Hope they will change that, since one of the nicest thing always, since beggining, was a customizable web browser

  • I don't find the setting to change skin at opera, but only themes, where can I find it ?

  • You can't in this version.

  • what a pity, I hoped so, you don't know if in the next versions this feature can be restored ?

  • no problem for reply, I have uninstalled Opera until this feature and the dropdown list on the address bar (so comfortable to use the mouse instead the keyboard) will be restored, bye everybody.

  • what a pity, I hoped so, you don't know if in the next versions this feature can be restored ?

    I don't think skins will come back soon. To be honest i don't think it will come back.

  • No problem at all, I will keep firefox forever and goodbye to opera.

  • I would love to see at least a dark skin option but failing that I'll be content. Simply coming here and saying, "If Opera doesn't give me skins I will leave forever" seems rather petulant and juvenile.

  • Opera will most certainly retain it's ultra bland skin as it's part of the metro style that has infested software and websites all around the Internet, and will stay until trendy Caliphoney mac douche bags go for another universal graphical look, we had the colorful shiny glass look as the standard, now we have the ugly bland metro look, hopefully in a couple of years this will change, but make no mistake, the bland look is by design and is here to stay.