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Customizing quickdials on a touchscreen.

  • Has anyone managed to drag quickdial icons around on a microsoft tablet ?

    I am using windows 10 on a tablet. On both desktop and tablet modes, keeping your pen or finger on an icon for a second triggers the "right click" menu. When i try to move the quickdial page's bookmarks the way i'd normally do with a mouse, they stay immobile and bring up this "right click" menu before any movement is made possibe. This means that I cannot rearrange the tiles and drop them on each others to form categories.

    So, has anyone tried, and managed, to reorganise their opera quickdial icons on a windows 10 touchscreen system ?

  • Can you change it? I know Windows 8 (never played with 10) allowed you to configure laptop touchpads for some of its features; I'd hope touchscreens can do the same. Otherwise ... try to move quicker I guess.

  • I haven't found a way to change how the screen reacts to lasting pressures, but i haven't searched thoroughly because i don't think i'd change that. In the vast majority of contexts, keeping the finger or pen pressed is a very convenient way to summon the rightclick menus.

    And it is generally not incompatible with dragging icons around. I can easily move files and folders around, on win10, yet bring up the rightclick menu whenever i wish to, by simply applying my finger or pen a second more. But Opera's quickdial icons do not operate like files or folders on the desktop. For some reason, they do not move around the same way a file does. It is not a matter of moving quicker, before the rightclick menu to pop up. Unlike regular windows icons, the movement doesn't occure before the touch is recognised as a rightclick.

    Also, this is not a problem at all on the android version of Opera, which manages the touchscreen very well. I only encounter this issue on the windows version of Opera.

    Am i the only human using Opera on a windows tablet ?

  • Can you drag left/right? The speed dial page can scroll up/down (if large enough) so perhaps it is trying to scroll ... but it can't scroll left or right.

  • No, no icon movement is possible at all.

    It briefly greys out, as opera icons do when selected, but doesn't budge in any way before the appearance of the translucid square that signifies that the rightclick menu has been summoned.

    I also supposed that windows Opera versions were slowly adapting to touchscreen devices, but the developer version behaves the exact same way.

    And i'm surprised not to find more testimonies of that online.

  • There have been some discussions of how Opera handles touch events, but more as related to browsing/websites.

  • Does it make any difference if you set opera://flags#touch-events to enabled?

  • No, however setting it to "disabled" does. Very interesting set of options there, i had no idea how to reach these.

    When touch-events are disabled, Opera ceases to react to my finger, but starts reacting way better to the Surface Pro's pen, and does allow the quickdial icons to be dragged around with it. Not an ideal solution, but at least a workaround for the rare occasions where I have some quickdial reaorganisation to do. Thanks a lot for this.

    I still hope some later Opera version will completely solve the issue (by behaving like the android version whether i use the pen or the finger), but until then this will do.