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From Opera 12 to 20...a giant leap back for mankind

  • I think you should find another browser. Opera is obviously not the browser nor the company for you.

    Oh yes, I guess that's what you keep telling to everyone when you don't have anything else to say. I already have "found" another browser, but thanks for that useful advice.

    Then if you are using another browser and have only bad things to say about the Opera browser AND the company, you are really doing little more than trolling here.

  • Agree (to first comment), also using 12 so far don't mind 20 it's just missing tab stacking and my old bookmarks... how hard could it be to add features (or at least the option to features) you already had before!?

    Features are being slowly added back on to a stable browser. I think the patience and civility that you have shown (so unlike many of the complainers who habitually haunt the Opera forums) are greatly appreciated.

  • people are asking me why i am using opera, i simply say "chrome is only for common people", but then they are saying "opera is now based on chromium, what's the difference then?" ooh god.... i don't know what to say.... this is really horrible.... 😞

    There have been a not insignificant number of comments in this vein —— that is, where the primary concern is neither practical nor philosophical but social in nature —— expressed on this forum (including its previous incarnation) since last spring, and it points to a characteristic of certain (younger) Opera Presto users. They have been Opera users not only for its functionality but also for its "cool" factor. This goes some way to explaining the emotional attachment that these users have to Opera Presto, and why suggestions involving alternate methods, workarounds, and the virtue of flexibility in the new, Blink era often fall on deaf ears.

  • Leushino, dear, get a life. After all there's nothing more you say on every thread beside - opera 12 is dead, you can go elsewhere.

    If there's all that Opera has to offer then I'm moving on. I hope you're smart enough to do the same. Cheers!

  • I am also a Opera user (lover) from since I got my first computer - from before 2002. I use it as my primary browser from the beginning.
    For me things are clear. The devs started to destroy Opera since they shut down Opera Unite. I have no need of a Chrome clone and I will never use the new version of Opera. For now I use 12.16 and when this version will get too old for my needs, I will look for other browser, probably Firefox.
    I am truly sorry to see Opera project finished and all the wonderful settings and services once provided by this great browser, turned to trash.

  • For me things are clear. The devs started to destroy Opera since they shut down Opera Unite. I have no need of a Chrome clone and I will never use the new version of Opera. For now I use 12.16 and when this version will get too old for my needs, I will look for other browser, probably Firefox.

    Good luck! You certainly will come back to Opera soon....
    I use Opera Developer as main browser and Firefox as second browser.
    Though Firefox looks very pretty and nice, it is far not so reliable as the new Opera and takes much longer to start.
    From my point of view Opera is still one step in advance.
    Opera is very well designed and optimized for fast and effective browsing and I wonder, how the Internet Explorer can have so much
    users therefore.

  • I use Opera 20 and it is more stable than Chrome (I used that fpr a long time), as Leushino said, the features will be added soon. We have to wait. It does not help saying that the new opera sucks. it does not work and bla bla bla.

  • <img></img>

    **Hallo Opera I like to get my Opera Voice back and the copy to & from notes feature!

    Two individual extensions for it will do just fine in all regards! **

    All I can say is this; in regards of the never ending rat race into infinity!

    Evolve & stop competing!


    Uniqueness was in my view which made Opera browser what is was .........

    Now they again just getting sucked or forced into the ever more boring competition & political games and all they will be in the end is just one of the boring flock!

    What made Opera unique they taken right out of the new Opera 22\23

    The crack happened in my view the day they taken the unique TTS voice function out of there browser with the 12 version.

    Why did they even do it?? .......... No one could be so irresponsible if there are not greater powers steering the boat in the background!

    Even some of the replacement Notepads having TTS function included .........
    Opera started with it & now they dumped it & there super browser version 23 has lost his number one uniqueness & a notepad have the function build in?

    NO no ........ I say nothing is coincidental in this world & everything has a bigger evilness behind it to destroy all of uniqueness!

    My prediction is ......... not long and Opera will just end up with the same shit product as the Chrome browser 350 MB download for starters? BIG THUMB DOWN ON THAT ONE!

    Opera already moves into the same direction for (ver. 10,11, 12) ~10 to 20 MB full program plus 10 MB for two a grade speak voice nowhere to be found ........ now its already 45 MB base download for the Opera 22/23.

    (BECOMES ONE OF THE FLOCK!!) or has maybe sold his hard already ......... because the word Chrome stands on top of the Opera name!

    So as always 1 + 1 = 2 No guys don't get me wrong ....... all I would like to see is that Opera stays unique!!

    So I have to agree with the OP @ender-go & add one more version ....... From Opera 11.60 to 12 to 20...a giant leap back for mankind!!


    Where is my Opera most clear voice Speech TTS; ........... give it back to Opera & yes the same voice one which was unique and absolute perfect! (10MB) only!

    Why did Opera team did not give us there original voice in a Extension form ..... NO PROBLEM AT ALL>>> If I would know how to right the Script for it to use the original Plugin I would do it myself & give it back to the World of Opera users & this way through an extension it could be used for all coming versions of Opera!

    It was the voice type which made it unique for Opera not that there was a speech function! Give us back the Voice & your original Copy to & from Notes in an Extension format! >>>


    One nice Extension with some of these file being included!!!

    Then you call the extension (THE TRUE ORIGINAL VOICE OF OPERA IS BACK)

    I wished someone could make himself the effort to create the extension which would return the old familiar Opera voice.

    And one more extension with the copy to & from Notes feature!

    I only have basics for script code creation so I cant do it; ....... would love to do it though! ........
    Many will love you for it if the Opera team himself could not handle such task on them own?

    Here are all the file names involved to created the two original voices & some code written within the opera.dll to get it functional !
    But if I'm not wrong the Plugin is is already designed to stand on its own!

    Where did opera got the original from in the first place?
    Which vendor caries these voices??

    ** E1FKAL00.LE",0,"5.2 MB","01/03/2013" **

    **>>>>>> E1MKAN00.LE",0,"5.5 MB","01/03/2013" **

    ecictts.dll",0,"704 kB","01/03/2013" ecienus.syn",0,"1.7 MB","01/03/2013" ecissml.dll",0,"192 kB","01/03/2013" en-us.bin",0,"1.2 MB","01/03/2013" prondict.ini",0,"307 B","01/03/2013" ready.pcm",0,"1.1 kB","01/03/2013" vxm.dll",0,"920 kB","01/03/2013"
    vxmconfig.ini",0,"7.7 kB","25/03/2014" vxmdict_en-us.ini",0,"334 B","01/03/2013" vxmplugin.dll",0,"112 kB","01/03/2013" vxmservices.dll",0,"1.2 MB","01/03/2013" "vxmstrings_en-us.ini",0,"1.2 kB","01/03/2013" "xmlparse.dll",0,"34.5 kB","01/03/2013"

    **TWO: **
    Where is the COPY-TO & PAST-FROM Notes menu feature gone too? & you could back it up by just copying the file (notes.adr) which was in basic text format too & not in Hex format as in all the extensions now ...........


    People need a browser ........ & not competition! >>>> Competition is for idiots!

    Your best Friend will never lie to you!


    Something wrong entering Links here???

  • IIRC Voice was removed from Opera because it was a third party product that was no longer supported by its originators.
    That's not to say that Opera could not have probably found an alternative, but presumably they decided that its level of usage didn't warrant that.

  • Having used Opera since Netscape disappeared (1999?), I agree with all the negative comments expressed above. HELP is ridiculous, user-friendly features like customisable toolbars have disappeared, no way of opening a local HTML file from the browser, no viewable cache, etc. etc. - the list of my complaints is much, much longer.

    Fortunately I had kept an installable copy of Opera 9, so I'm using it more and more frequently in lieu of this sorry new release.

  • I've being using Opera for 14+ years and it's been my preferred browser for it's great set of features that are present until v.12.17. Since Opera decided to discontinue all those features and a Desktop interface (I use Win 8.1) and support for Opera 12.17, I can only say good bye and move on to Firefox. It's a damn shame!

  • The windows to sites (I'm sorry, I don't know their name in English) were easily available...

    Did you mean page icons in the Speed Dial?

    All in all, I really don't want to use Chrome 20 ever again, and will just wait for Opera 13 with a new engine or something, that would be more compatible with more demanding sites.

    And myself personally have a Chrome as well - which suffices the need for Chrome;)

  • Agree that Opera 12 where last good version of Opera. All version from 15 to 23 are experimental an incomplete. I just finished an fresh install of win7 64 and have used Opera 22 at my personal computer before the new win install. Just found out the Opera Link wont work in Opera 23. To have my bookmarks and speed dials are important to me and I have to figure out Opera Link and synch work again and again in every new version Opera releases.

    So this is a goodbye from me to Opera. I don`t want a web browser that is experemental, incomplete and would give me a new grey hair in every new (stable) version that gets released. To me, Opera is way less user friendly after version 12.

  • Just copy your profile every now and then. It's simple to do, and no big deal.

  • Youre right its not a big deal, but that`s the whole point with Opera Link that Opera does that kind of things for me.

  • Kenny, don't use backtick quotes - they create showing the code here on these forums, use apostrophes.

  • I may be banned for this, but this is how I write on other forums. If Opera forums cant handle that, thats just another reason to quit using Opers browser.

  • Don't be ridiculous! There are codes. And apostrophe is apostrophe.

  • Times has changed and so did Opera, but honestly the new Opera is horrible, sad, void but at least is 0.35 seconds more fast with less strange alien look options! What is a shortcut? Viva la simplicity! (for your average user)

    What I think is really ironic is how Opera (Presto) was ahead in functionality and looked like everybody was trying to copy ideas from it but Opera remained as an obscure browser.

    I really appreciate the effort you do ranting about the new Opera, but our Swiss army browser is lost, un-appreciated and has no future with the current "friendly" trends.

    Maybe this wouldn't happen if the marketing team had taught the normal user how to make us of the advance options in Opera Presto.

    I'm still using Opera 12.17 and Firefox for page compatibility.

    But we do still have hope and I hope more people is willing to help this project:

    "Every end is a new beginning"

    One short question folks, is there any way to delete "individual cookies for some site, rather than delete all cookies?"
    In the past Opera 12, We can do this easily. Even modified the cookies itself

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