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From Opera 12 to 20...a giant leap back for mankind

  • I've being using Opera for 14+ years and it's been my preferred browser for it's great set of features that are present until v.12.17. Since Opera decided to discontinue all those features and a Desktop interface (I use Win 8.1) and support for Opera 12.17, I can only say good bye and move on to Firefox. It's a damn shame!

  • The windows to sites (I'm sorry, I don't know their name in English) were easily available...

    Did you mean page icons in the Speed Dial?

    All in all, I really don't want to use Chrome 20 ever again, and will just wait for Opera 13 with a new engine or something, that would be more compatible with more demanding sites.

    And myself personally have a Chrome as well - which suffices the need for Chrome;)

  • Agree that Opera 12 where last good version of Opera. All version from 15 to 23 are experimental an incomplete. I just finished an fresh install of win7 64 and have used Opera 22 at my personal computer before the new win install. Just found out the Opera Link wont work in Opera 23. To have my bookmarks and speed dials are important to me and I have to figure out Opera Link and synch work again and again in every new version Opera releases.

    So this is a goodbye from me to Opera. I don`t want a web browser that is experemental, incomplete and would give me a new grey hair in every new (stable) version that gets released. To me, Opera is way less user friendly after version 12.

  • Just copy your profile every now and then. It's simple to do, and no big deal.

  • Youre right its not a big deal, but that`s the whole point with Opera Link that Opera does that kind of things for me.

  • Kenny, don't use backtick quotes - they create showing the code here on these forums, use apostrophes.

  • I may be banned for this, but this is how I write on other forums. If Opera forums cant handle that, thats just another reason to quit using Opers browser.

  • Don't be ridiculous! There are codes. And apostrophe is apostrophe.

  • Times has changed and so did Opera, but honestly the new Opera is horrible, sad, void but at least is 0.35 seconds more fast with less strange alien look options! What is a shortcut? Viva la simplicity! (for your average user)

    What I think is really ironic is how Opera (Presto) was ahead in functionality and looked like everybody was trying to copy ideas from it but Opera remained as an obscure browser.

    I really appreciate the effort you do ranting about the new Opera, but our Swiss army browser is lost, un-appreciated and has no future with the current "friendly" trends.

    Maybe this wouldn't happen if the marketing team had taught the normal user how to make us of the advance options in Opera Presto.

    I'm still using Opera 12.17 and Firefox for page compatibility.

    But we do still have hope and I hope more people is willing to help this project:

    "Every end is a new beginning"

    One short question folks, is there any way to delete "individual cookies for some site, rather than delete all cookies?"
    In the past Opera 12, We can do this easily. Even modified the cookies itself

  • One short question folks, is there any way to delete "individual cookies for some site, rather than delete all cookies?"
    In the past Opera 12, We can do this easily. Even modified the cookies itself

    You can do it with an extension. You might try the Opera add-on, EditThisCookie.

    There are more possibilities if you look at Chrome extension. Click@Clean (a Chrome extension) has the feature you want, along with a lot of other features.

    If you don't want all of the features, and just want to look for a specific Cookie Manager
    extension, you might like Vanilla Cookie Manager.
    I've only done a very quick look, so there may well be more possibilities out there.

    To download a Chrome extension easily, you need the Opera extension, called Download Chrome Extension,

    or Extension Source Viewer,

  • I am using Opera web and mobile browser since 2004, yeah pretty 10 years from now. This is one of the best browser internet today have. On a readers survey on my career and jobs news website Employment News , 90% mobile phone users and 60% smartphone users has Opera as their primary web browser.

    I am happy to see innovations happened in Opera community these days.

  • Hi
    thanks for Opera company
    i use opera from ver 4
    i have all email archive in opera mail
    i have more than 1000 rss feed reader in opera
    i have history from 10 years ago
    i have more more good times with opera 12
    why you dont support opera 12
    opera 12 not a browser its my "net Home"
    please again Support opera 12
    opera 20 very very bad idea.

  • [Mod note: useless offensive comment removed]

  • Hi
    thanks for Opera company
    i use opera from ver 4
    i have all email archive in opera mail
    i have more than 1000 rss feed reader in opera
    i have history from 10 years ago
    i have more more good times with opera 12
    why you dont support opera 12
    opera 12 not a browser its my "net Home"
    please again Support opera 12
    opera 20 very very bad idea.

    They won't support, deal with it.

  • i have both the new opera and opera 12.00

    out of the 2 i prefer opera 12.00. this is due to the fact that so much of it i can change to my own customizations. yes it is now becoming laggy, behind the times. but cause it has so many of my own customizations which help and i cannot seem to work out how to do it on the new opera's...

    if anyone here plays the game Tribal Wars then you will know that opera 12.00 is as far the best browser there is for the game.

    however like this game and many over organizations they are moving away from the older browsers to newer ones, which are pushing there players to stop playing.

    what we want is the Opera Team to see that they need to add the old settings back into the new browsers.

  • I am sick and tired of the rude "shut up and stick to Opera 12.x or go find another browser"-comments.
    Yes, we have understood that you find Opera 2x.x the greatest achievement in browser history.
    The low market share Opera was suffering was not due to being to "geeky" or having too many features.
    In fact, Opera has always been technology leader and many, many features were copied by other browsers, starting with the MDI.
    Operas low market share was due to lousy public relations work. Netscape died and was reborn as publicly very well received, slim (now not so slim any more) Firefox.
    IE is pre-installed on every Windows system, so first choice for every non tech affiliate user.
    Opera was first choice primarily for people using the internet for work, thus benefiting from an efficient interface.

    Opera 20+ is merely a Chrome-clone with built in mouse gestures (at least that).
    The question is, who cares for that? Who would switch from Chrome? Hard core Firefox users as well as ignorant IE users would not switch anyway.

    So - no new users to gain from Firefox, IE or Chrome userbase. Alienating and chasing away former Opera users.
    Who is left?

    Secondly, ChrOpera has been out for over a year now and they haven't even managed to implement a working bookmark administration or an interface to their own Opera link to at least make it possible for Opera 12.x users to update.
    This is just ridiculous.
    The last update logs read merely like engine updates. What are the Opera developers working on? The engine is being maintained by Google. Just recompile with the latest engine is hardly an improvement.

    Why is it that open source projects manage to implement a lot more classic Opera features and still use fast, modern engines such as Webkit than Opera itself?
    After one year, which in software business is a long time, how much has the market share of Opera improved? Depending on the source there has been marginal improvement or a drastic drop.

  • I don't understand why few people here are defending devs, are they paid for this? Opera made WRONG decisions, by stripping down everything, that's a fact.
    Tell me what do you find so innovative in new Opera to say it's better than chrome or firefox? Even Maxthon is more customizable now.

    Devs should LISTEN to what users want, and attitude like "they won't bring it back, so deal with it" is just rude.
    Do you expect people will stop complaining? Contrary it stirs even more complaints, and those who just can't stand that attitude anymore will just abandon it in the end.

  • Slightly late to this party, but my two cents, for what they are worth...

    I will continue to use Opera 12 until such time as there is another browser that has a comprehensive feature set that covers most of the features that I use – whether that's Opera or another browser – or until such time as it is so far behind the curve that it is unusable on too many websites.

    The whole reason I have been using Opera for more than 12 years is because of those features. Without them, there is no reason whatsoever to choose Opera over any other browser. Its features were what made it the best browser, and it's a shame that they never had the marketing budget or strategy to make it more popular. I don't understand why some people say it was "too complicated" – for people who just wanted a basic browser, it did everything that other browsers did just as easily, but the difference was that there was more there if you went looking for it.

    It's now been nearly 18 months since the public beta of Opera 15 was launched, and we are now up to v24, but each of those 9 new versions seems to have done little more than add a single feature at a time. At the rate, we'll be up to Opera 50 at least before the feature list is restored to a level that will satisfy those of us who got the most out of Opera before. But is it going to happen? I would be a lot more accepting of the changes, and a lot more patient, if I could see some definitive statement from Opera ASA to the effect that they are working to reinstate those features from Opera 12, and to give a rough timescale of when each one might make it back into the browser. At the moment, it feels like those of us who were the biggest advocates and evangelists for Opera before have just been discarded with no consideration given to the fact that there are no alternatives available that do what we want, and we have to be content with whatever crumbs are deigned to be thrown our way.

    I get that Opera ASA is a business, I understand that. But a business is nothing without its customers. And if you alienate your entire existing userbase by removing your USP, and instead enter an already crowded marketplace with competitors who are bigger and louder than you are ... well, I'm not so sure that's a great business decision.

  • Is it so? No bookmarks, no notes, no customizable interface, no email client incorporated? After so many years of improvements Opera developers thought about a downgrade?! I was in expectation from 20 to 25 versions and I hoped that is about a joke. Until this evening. I seriously searched an alternative for the browser I used more than 13 years. And I found it. It's name is SeaMonkey and has all those features Opera lost (from 12.17) and much more. From now on, SeaMonkey is my default browser. Good adio bye, Opera!

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