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  • Opera uses the PPAPI version of Flash (also called pepper Flash), you will need to install it from your package manager. This part of the forum is English, you should have posted in the Italian section.

  • sorry but I wrote on the forum Italian, but after a week I did not receive any answer because the forum has been operating recently.
    Anyway thank you for the answer.

  • New update - Opera developer 34.0.2023.0, the change log, and the announcement 😉

    Linux proprietary codecs support

    The chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra library contains all the proprietary codecs support and should be downloaded now with Opera if installed with the ‘apt-get’ command. Also, Opera deb should now recommend chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra installation or, if Opera detects the library in the system, ffmpeg will be automatically loaded.

    Download in progress warning dialog

    As promised, we are currently testing the feature where Opera warns on exit when there are downloads in progress:

    This feature is hidden behind the flag: #show-downloads-in-progress-warning (disabled by default). Please enable it via opera:flags if you want to see how it works.

    NPAPI is back

    The flag #disable-npapi is now disabled by default, which means that the access to NPAPI plugins has been restored. For now. However, bear in mind that PPAPI plugins are prioritized if present, so some amount of digging in the flags might be needed anyway.

    MSE+MP3 on developer stream

    MSE+MP3 on the developer stream is now available, which is controlled by the flag #mse-audio-mpeg-aac turned on by default.

    New Opera branding

    In this release, we present you also with the visual Opera developer rebranding:

    As easily noticed, the new Opera developer logo slightly reminds of the old Opera beta logo; as the rebranding gradually rolls out to the other streams, you will see the integrity of the whole change. Stay tuned.

    Bug fixes:

    - DNA-44658 Crash when adding or removing items from Speed Dial after synchronization has been fixed,

    - DNA-44054 Crash on Mac when updating Opera and restarting with bookmarks bar enabled is fixed,

    - DNA-44313 Crash on Ctrl+F in address bar when in opera:bookmarks has been fixed,

    - DNA-44479 “Add to bookmarks” / “Edit bookmark” pop-up misses folder select dropdown – fixed,

    - A number of Speed Dial glitches related to the #bookmarks-api-on-speed-dial flag has been fixed,

    - DNA-41941 Icon for downloads in private mode is fixed,

    - DNA-43138 Bookmark deduplication phase one has been implemented,

    - DNA-44278 Blank suggestions in address bar popup have been fixed.

    Known issues:

    DNA-44543 Impossible to enter special characters in the address bar.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • Can you give us an update on the situation of vertical tabs? Are they ever coming back?

  • Hi @pyryparkkola, just in case, that you want to give a try to one of the following extensions:

    - the "Simple Vertical Tabs",

    - the "Tab Sidebar",

    - the "V7 Tabs",

    - the "vTabs".

  • @l33t4opera Thanks, I'll test them. Optimally I'd like to get rid of the tabs at the top, but maybe one of these will do for now.

  • New update - Opera developer 34.0.2026.0,
    the change log, and the announcement 😉


    - DNA-44277 Ctrl+Enter on address field doesn’t load a page,

    - DNA-44509 [Mac] Tab cycler broken,

    - DNA-44102 [Linux] Some sites (YouTube) no longer offer an appropriate video format (e.g. WebM),

    - DNA-44813 [BM][SP] Middle clicking buttons acts as left click,

    - DNA-44543 [Win] Impossible to enter special characters in the address bar using Right Alt modifier key,

    - a few branding fixes.

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • i use opera 33.0.1990.43
    i use tv streaming there is always have trouble with flash player
    "Error loading player: No playable sources found"

    Can you fix it ?

    For Opera 32.0.1948.69 flash player fine any way
    Thanks for your time

  • i use opera 33.0.1990.43

    So why did you post on a topic about Opera 34?

    i use tv streaming there is always have trouble with flash player
    "Error loading player: No playable sources found"

    Which tv streaming? Are you sure it uses flash and not html5?
    Do you have latest version of ppapi flash?

  • Just tried 34.0.2026.0 on Linux mint mate 17.2 64 bit. First time I opened opera everything fine, second time Speeddial completely messed up multiple copies of the speeddial tab and in B&W. Have gone back to 31.0.1857.0

  • New update - Opera Dev 34.0.2036.2, the change log, and the announcement 😉

    "Today’s developer release is sort of special. This time it is based on our prospective beta branch, and, even though technically developer, should be of at least beta quality. So, we hope it meets the expectations!"

    - DNA-45329 Enable cancel download button on beta. This one introduces the “cancel download” button on any download in progress which is visible in the downloads dropdown.

    - DNA-45037 [Engine] Never save password does not work. After this fix, the “Never save password for this site” sliding toolbar option works as expected.

    - DNA-7132 No handshake strength information in badge’s connection details. This is a minor but important fix – now, when you click “Details” on the secure site badge, you will see the info about the handshake key strength added at the end of the string.

    - DNA-45138 Some context menu options no longer available. With this fix, image context menu items have been restored.

    The Chromium version has been updated to 47.0.2526.35.

    Known issues

    We are aware of other context menu issues. They are going to be fixed quite soon.

    New flags:

    - opera:flags#country-dependent-default-theme (makes the choice of the default theme depend on the user's location)

    - opera:flags#mute-tabs (enable muting of individual tabs)

    - opera:flags#snow-tile-icons (download and display SNOW tile images in tiles dropdown)

    - opera:flags#enable-alternative-services (enable support for Alternative Services, an experimental HTTP feature)

    - opera:flags#inert-visual-viewport (experiment to have all APIs reflect the layout viewport - this will make window.scroll properties relative to the layout viewport).

    ☕ \m/ :cheers:

  • New update - Opera developer 34.0.2044.0, the change log, and the announcement 😉

    "Even though this version is technically O34, we are already in O35 cycle. Public developer versions will be upgraded to O35 next week, together with chromium version.

    Since "winter is coming", we are preparing for it. In the Opera 35 cycle we are working on:

    Simple settings section

    The most common settings are all together on one page.

    Further downloads improvements

    Opera should ask you if you really want to close it and stop currently ongoing download.


    Annoying duplicates creation should finally be solved in this cycle.

    Easier way to turn bookmarks bar on/off

    Currently this setting is so hidden that many users complain we don't have bookmarks bar at all.

    Something we internally call "Mute me baby"

    A way to easier kill annoying sound from the browser.

    Address bar on-click UI suggestions

    Add a way to display only speed dials there.

    Move News to Speed Dial

    Place News below the SD tiles. This is initial version, there are UI glitches and lack of your own sources addition. You can expect more enhancements to come.

    We do not promise that any of this will hit final in O35, or hit it ever at all. Some of these are already turned on by default in this developer release, some are behind the opera:flags, and some are available only as whiteboards mockups."

    ☕ \m/ :cheers: