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Opera 32 - Android Tablet Synchronization Problem

  • I have posted this problem in both the Android and Synchronization forum, to no avail. I would ask that administrators here to leave my post, I will state it in a different way, and in the hopes that MANY more readers peruse THIS forum than the other two, maybe I can resolve this issue.

    My Opera on my tablet would freeze every now and again, so I decided to uninstall it, and I reinstalled it. Up to that uninstall, my Opera for Android was working pretty good, all my Bookmarks and the Bookmarks bar had been imported via the Synchronization service.

    I knew the uninstall would eliminate all my bookmarks etc, but I figured I would just synchronize it again. The first problem I found was the synchronization process didn't work on my tablet, and it jumbled (and duplicated) many of my O31/32 Laptop bookmarks.

    I found a way to make sure the jumble and duplication did not happen again, but going to this Web page

    "You can reset sync at any time. No data will be lost from your devices.

    When you reset sync:

    You will be signed out from sync on all your devices
    Your sync data will be cleared from the server
    Your sync data remains on all devices
    Sign back in to Opera to start syncing again
    (Optional) Set a new passphrase to encrypt your passwords"

    Which resets your sync data on the Opera servers (I figured the jumbling and duplication was coming from OLD syncs). And sure enough, no more jumbling and duplications.

    Ok, now I uninstalled Opera from my tablet and reinstalled it once again, starting fresh. Logged in to sync on both computers, I again figured because the tablet Opera had nothing to sync back to the laptop, the entire synchronization process would be one way from laptop to tablet.

    Now I DO have my Speed Dials synced, the tabs on my laptop indeed will show on my tablet, but ALAS, when I tap on the Bookmark icon on the tablet which used to offer me all my bookmarks and everything on my Bookmarks Bar, Opera either does nothing or freezes up and exits on its own after 30 seconds.

    What I found that I cannot explain is that when I manually got to a Web page, and click on the little plus + sign to the left of it soas to bookmarks, a popup box appears which shows ALL of my folders and bookmarks and the Bookmark Bar as a possible place to place the bookmark of the page I was on.

    So...obviously Opera tablet DOES have my bookmarks, but I have no way to access them.

    I am completely stumped, I have been using Opera desktop for years and have completely converted all my settings/bookmarks from 12.17 to the current Opera and am super happy with it, as I was when I installed Opera Mobile, now that I had all those very important bookmarks moved over. Once I had all of them moved, I decided to sign out from synchronization and leave it all there. But with the subsequent uninstall and reinstall, I am left with no bookmarks on the tablet.

    Can anyone help me, my tablet Opera is VERY important to me, and no one has even really addressed what the problem might be or give me direction.

    Thank you for ANY help in this matter.

  • This really belongs in the Android forum - and it is an Android problem. On my latest tablet ... not all my folders are shown - and not all booknarks in those folders which do show will show either. Yet if I start typing it in the address bar, it shows in Autocomplete. It is there, somewhere, but isn't showing under Bookmarks.

    Anyway, as it really is about Android I will move it there. Windows users are not likely to help with this one.

  • Thanks

  • Hi @bbildman,

    Sorry to hear about your problems. We are actively working on making sync a better experience. Today we released a new version of Opera with some stabilization fixes to sync. Please try the latest version Opera 32 from Google Play and see if it helps.

  • operamilleson,

    Well, I have good news for both you and I.

    I uninstalled Opera Mobile from my tablet, made sure I reset sync so that no further sync data was left on Opera's servers.

    Installed the new Android version that I down loaded from the Opera home page (Dling it because I do not have Google Play on my tablet). the version I got is Opera_32_Generic_Opera_ARMv7_LZMA.apk.

    Installed it, deleted all the extraneous Speed Dial Entries that O32 Mobile includes, and turned on sync on my laptop and also my tablet. Within 5 minutes the I transferred the Speed Dial entries from my laptop to the tablet...and then tapped on the Bookmark Icon with bated breath...voilĂ , all my bookmarks transferred over, and there was not duplicates or jumbling of my laptops bookmarks (I believe you should instruct folks to reset their sync before turning it on, at least for the first time)

    Splendid job, developers, obviously something was amiss in 30.1 and 30.2, because as many times as I uninstalled and reinstalled, I had the Bookmark problem.

    Now all is well, and I have my Boomarks exactly how I want them, thanks for the attention here.

  • @bbildman awesome to hear! Hope everything works out fine and you'll enjoy the new features in Opera 32.

  • Where do I go to see all the new features of each new version of opera

  • operamilleson, one more it possible to add a folder from my bookmarks onto the Speed Dial on Mobile, like I can do on Opera for Computer??


  • Look in the blog - though today they had 4 posts so finding the right one is a little harder.

  • I found a way to put an entire folder on my Speed Dial Opera 32 Mobile. I simply add it to my O32 for Windows/Computer Speed Dial (right click any folder in my bookmarks, click "Add To Speed Dial) - then sync both devices, and I found out that when you check the Speed Dial listed on the sync box after syncing, you can import any of the Speed Dial icons individually.


  • @bbildman

    As @sgunhouse says either check the blog or the forums, for each release we will always update the forums with the list of new features. We post blog posts when we got significant changes in the release.