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Opera Browser suddenly extremely laggy! 12.17

  • Hello. I've been using the Opera internet browser for many years now. It's always had it's host of problems, but up until recently, the only major issue I had was that some web pages wouldn't load properly and sometimes the browser would crash when clicking the videos link on someone's youtube page.

    I shut down my computer to let it install updates yesterday and I noticed that last night Opera suddenly began to lag pretty bad. I thought it was because I also had Google Chrome running (there's a bug with Reddit where I can't stay logged in on my Opera browser so I have to use Chrome to browse that site). I ignored the issue for a while until it started to become to annoying to ignore. I closed Google Chrome thinking that would help but the issue persisted. I closed some applications thinking maybe they were making my computer run sluggishly. Didn't help. I closed several taps (I tend to keep quite a few open) in Opera but that didn't fix things either. I restarted my computer, but no luck. Checked for updates but I have the latest version.

    My Opera browser is being insanely laggy. Typing a word takes between 1-2 seconds. Every web page is loading very slowly and it's driving me crazy. Everything else on my computer is running smoothly. Google Chrome, Skype, and various other programs are running with optimal speed.

    -Opera version is 12.17, latest version
    -I only have two extensions. I disabled both, didn't help
    -Opera turbo is disabled.
    -I'm not sure if I was running the latest version of Opera before I let my computer update yesterday morning.
    -OS is Windows 7
    -All other programs are functioning fine and my internet connection is working properly even though it's acting as if it's slow in opera in addition to other annoyances like lag when typing

    Any ideas? Opera is my main browser. It has all of my bookmarks and everything else important saved. I don't want to have to switch to another browser, but it's borderline unusable like this and I don't know what to do to fix it.

    1. What do you mean "you shut down computer to let it install updates"!? (I'm a Software Tech)-
      That is Not how you install updates!- If you have Automatic Updates installation enabled (I do manual...), you Must slow reboot Three-Times Before Shutdown!

    As Opera/Chrome get their settings from IE...-
    After the next day's cold startup, wait 40min (for your AV to Trust changes...(moving cursor All over the desktop...)), and reboot again-
    Then Open/close Control Panel (show All too), then IE 4 times (wait 2min between open/close!).

    Then open/close Opera 4 times (same wait...) before browsing. Sometimes I have to clear browsing data (Forever...!)/reboot, if Opera is balky..., then the same open/close again... before browsing...

    Note- Depending on which AV you use?-
    All Security Suites are slow to Trust... (I use ESET Smart Security v8), results may vary...
    It also is a Good idea to Open/close Control Panel (show All too!), before opening browsers..., or doing Java/Flash updates.

  • BTW!- The latest version of Opera is 31, Not 12.17 (click About Opera in CP>>>)!?

  • @scottls59901 You are a software tech? I wouldn't be letting you anywhere near my machine. I got here because I am having the exact same issue as the OP, but it is after I foolishly upgraded to Opera 31. I really tried, but gave up on it after realizing how sadly deficient it really is. I have been using Opera since version 3.61 back around 1996, and I have been a loyal fan, just loving it, bugs and all. I was pushed into upgrading 12.17 to 31 because of a site that broke Opera's password manager and I got sick of having to type in the password all the time. The password manager worked ok, no problem there, but the list of things that don't work anymore is too long to go into here. I ended up uninstalling 31 and going back to 12.17, which was still there after the "upgrade" came and went. But now, pages take forever to load, I don't see any reason for this, but I am dismayed. I have to join those who are shaking their heads and wondering why Opera has lost its way. I could almost cry. Why did they abandon all the previous effort, and then throw out the baby with the bath water. I don't know what to do now, I don't like any of the other browsers, except Maxthon, but it has some issues as well. I'm certainly not going to use IE. Is there still an IE?

  • @Scott: Huh, really? I told it to check for updates and it told me no updates were available so I thought I had the latest version! Also I have NO idea what you're talking about when you say that you have to "soft reboot" your computer three times to install updates. That makes no sense. My computer automatically installs updates whenever I shut down or restart it.

    Well, there's been a very interesting turn of events. Since I posted this thread, I closed my browser, locked my computer and left the house for a few hours. Now that I'm back, Opera is running smoothly once again. No typing lag, no loading lag, nothing! I don't get it but I'm not gonna complain! Hopefully it doesn't start again.

  • Opera 12.17 is the latest Opera Presto version.

  • Regarding the issue, Hve you tried with a clean profile?

  • Regarding the issue, Hve you tried with a clean profile?

    You know, when I was googling for a solution, I saw someone mention profiles in a previous thread posting about a similar issue here a few years ago. They said you could find the profile under the 'about" section of Opera and that you have to delete a few things. The solution seemed to work for quite a few people, but I could never find this profiles folder that was mentioned.

    Either way, Opera is working normally once again for me. I didn't do anything other than lock my computer for a few hours but for whatever reason, it's working again. Let's hope it stays working.

  • I could never find this profiles folder that was mentioned.

    You may need to change Windows Explorer settings to show hidden folders and files.

  • I have the same issues with slow page loading(if they load at all), after installing Opera 31. I solved the problem by switching of Opera Turbo. Pages load fast again, and no waiting.

  • scottls ... with all due respect, what in the world are you talking about?

    Either you're trolling (and very badly) or you just have no idea what you're talking about.

    I really hope the mods remove your post because it contains ridiculous recommendations.