When DirectWrite is enabled, Chrome displays more unreadable and blurry fonts in grayscale rendering. This is because DirectWrite performs much worse in grayscale anti-aliasing than the good old GDI. ClearType tuning might help but for some people it's simply not an option because it's still blurry and because of the colorspace pollution (color bleeding, fringes) it causes. The problem is that GDI support has been removed from Chromium so we're now forced to read blurry fonts. The solution is to revert the changes that removed GDI font rendering support and add back the Disable DirectWrite flag.

There is already an outrage on Google Product Forums because of the removal of GDI rendering ("Disable DirectWrite" option). A lot of people are complaining about blurry, unreadable fonts.

I have created a petition and tried to raise some attention on online forums. Please sign / share / promote this petition and show Google that we are opposing the withdrawal of our freedom of choice.

Please also don't forget to upvote an already existing suggestion.