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Looking for a Certain Version of Opera

  • It was the version with stackable tabs, no chromium web-based browsing [b]B.S.[/b] integrated into Opera like they've done with 11 and beyond and gone to pure fiecies in a can!

    Is it 10.60 or below?

    Ever since 11, web browsing and loading has been a horrible cruddy nightmare, I do know just like 10.60 and below that version, it had the e-mail client, chat and torrent services.

    I was an avid Opera user and follower, even suggester, until 11 came, I guess it is true too much progression is a bad thing, just look at Opera now and if don't believe me, try 10.60 and witness the differences yourself.

    So I wish to go back to that last great version and never need to update again, unless Opera goes back and changes things for the better and by that I don't mean forcing users into a mandatory update to the newest crapola version.

  • Chromium started with 15, not 11.

    12.17 is the last version of the old line. Some are partial to 11.64, the last version before 12, but the issues some had with 12.x were unrelated to Chromium (which was a couple years away at the time).

  • @n1nj4lo FYI, the shift to chromium essentially occurred (version-wise) after Opera 12.17 - that is, at higher version numbers. Tab stacking in Olde Opera was incorporated at version 11 and above. Depending on one's point of view, some users feel 11.6x was the best Olde Opera version, others prefer 12.14, still other users have other preferences. Obviously, YMMV. Olde Opera versions can be downloaded directly from Opera's ftp server at