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Upgrade from Opera 12 to 29 - things I can no longer do

  • Its opera://flags now.

    Nope, they are completely different things. As said on opera:flags, flags are experimets they are not hidden settings.

  • I still have to use Opera 12 for bookmark managing 😕

  • I miss download manager for old Opera, I hope it will restored in future update

  • RSS Feeds: I use Opera Mail. I will admit I couldn't find any easy way to import my feed list into Opera Mail but I did copy from Opera 12 each feed into Opera Mail and it is working fine.

    I pretty much have the same issues you have written about but after 10+ years, Opera simple didn't render the web pages I went to the most. The transition was a bit difficult losing the combined Mail, RSS Feeds, the Favorite Sidebar and Notes but I am running Opera 30 as well as 29 and the Sidebar and Notes work fine.

    Once you get used to Opera 29/30 and add Opera Mail, the total experience is pretty close.

  • I have the same problems and additionally i liked to be able to display and use the Version12 menu system, so am un-installing Opera29 and continuing to use Opera12. Pity Opera developers make new versions less user friendly than older versions. Please, at least give us users the option to do what we like doing. Cheers.

  • They did. Opera 12 and 29 can co-exist on the same system without problems.

  • Angry because I cannot add a Home button to the browser, using V29 - anyone help before I go back to Chrome????

  • There are extensions for Opera that give you a home button. Have you tried any of them?

  • It's hard for me to decide which is sillier, or is "sadder" the word I'm looking for: that there's an extension for a home button or that Opera is so stubborn about certain things that they refuse to offer one.

  • Its not that they refuse to offer it, its that they have other priorities. There are other more important features and improvements they want to add to the browsers and a home button is probably low on the list. Especially considering that theres already several extensions that add that functionality.

  • Is it not part of the code that they base Opera on? I haven't encountered a Chromium-Blink-derived browser yet that doesn't have it. If that's the case, they went out of their way to remove it.

    Why include back and forward arrows and refresh? That can all be done with extensions too.

    As I recall, bookmarks only came after kicking and screaming over a period that lasted at least a year, and they're still not what they were the last time I looked.

  • Either you use Opera because you like what is does for you or you don't. I don't see why you feel the need to complain about it. If you think another web browser is doing it better then use that one. If you think its a feature that Opera should incorporate then head over to the Suggestion Box and post about it. Crying about it here doesn't do anyone any good.

  • "Either you use Opera because you like what is does for you or you don't" is a very binary way of looking at it.

    I think it's a lot more nuanced than that, with shades of gray. Someone can actually hold multiple thoughts in mind: they can like the browser AND think that Opera makes highly questionable, often inexplicable decisions that hurt the product.

  • If you think its a feature that Opera should incorporate then head over to the Suggestion Box and post about it.

    Still stands.

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