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Images on my forums won't show up

  • I'm using Version 12.17
    Build 1863
    Platform x64
    System Windows 7
    Images and active links with an image, won't display any-more on my forums.
    I've tried all options but no result.
    Now and then some reappear.
    All it says is figure, instead of a picture.

    It must be a recent bug, because on my laptop it's the same issue.
    Other browsers like waterfox or chrome display everything correct.

    I've installed Opera 28 which was also working all-right.
    Anyone any idea?
    However that's a 32 bit's.

  • Opera 12 isn't supported anymore and hasn't been updated in a long time.

  • Whatsa "my forums"? Really, how can anyone even check for problems this way, without knowing site address?

    Generally such problems can be caused by jQuery newer versions, which do not fully support O12. Of course any other js library or css3 updgrade may kill O12 support either.

  • So is there a newer 64 bits version available?

    Opera 28 seems to be only 32 bits.

  • Opera 12 dates from February 26, 2015
    so it's not that old.
    Checked update, latest installed.

  • img elements should be supported everywhere. Another thing might be if you childed them into something else which is not.
    Or it could be an issue of different error management: newer browsers might handle things that will jam older ones.
    So you can validate your site first on account of errors. Then check your head and htlm attributes if you have everything necessary filled out. Then turn to your img elements themselves: check the priorities and if you have all the recommended attributes in place, then recheck the values in case they create an unexpected error.

    And by the way, check your 12's settings if they should block something - all of a sudden.

  • Maybe you could have a look on one of the occasions (I've more examples)

    I can see the top banner (name of the site)
    but not the buttons under it (it says figure?)
    Several of these images are active links, which leads to topics, or a photobucket plugin.
    I checked options in opera, but couldn't find anything wrong.
    Besides, I didn't change anything and it worked well before.
    Switched of all extensions like adblock but no result.
    Opera is allowed to show images.
    The odd thing is that occasionally soms of these elements appear normal and sometimes won't?
    The site itself is ok other browsers have no problems with these images.

  • Opera 12 dates from February 26, 2015 so it's not that old. Checked update, latest installed.

    Opera 12.17 dates from April 23, 2014. When you installed the update is not necessarily when it was released. Even than, it was basically a one shot patch to fix Heartbleed. The last semi-major update to Opera 12 is from July 4, 2013.

  • The top is o'k, and pics in the items down there are not shown in my 11 either: no show nor open.

    Holy Jesus! I've taken a look at your sourcecode - what do all those multiple "bodies" mean?
    Could you please make a test page where all the inactive crap is exterminated? I expect 1 head and 1 actual body to begin with.

    Why is it not in HTML5, by the way?

  • Problem seems to originate on tinypic hosting site. If you follow some image source - like - then in old Opera it redirects to web page, in new Opera displays image.

    I would suggest to contact tinypic and ask, wht prevents older Opera to get image properly.

  • Well new or old Opera, it has been working until now.
    I asked, if there was a new 64 bits version available, because I can't find anything beyond the 12 version.
    The 32 bit's version 28 is the latest.
    And the "crap" is one of you mentioned, is very handy and works in any other browser.
    I've not only tinypic but also Photobucket buttons and both give the same problem.
    As another example, try this one
    The banner is not visible en three of the buttons al alright, only one of them is missing.
    But sometimes none of them is visible. Only the box indicated as "image".
    All avatars are blocked and shown as script.
    A video is seen as a white circle with an arrow to click before it runs.
    It's just a testsite, but it's now useless with Opera.

  • I asked, if there was a new 64 bits version available, because I can't find anything beyond the 12 version.

    There currently isn't a 64-bit release for Windows. Not that its a huge necessity with the newer versions though. 64-bit applications are basically only useful for accessing large amounts of RAM. With the old Opera, which was a single process, you had to have a 64-bit version if you wanted it to access more than about 4 gigabytes of RAM. So, if you had 400 tabs open or something that could be a problem with the 32-bit version. With the new Opera, every tab, extension, etc, is in its own process. While each process is limited to 4 gigabytes of RAM the total amount Opera can now access is functionally unlimited. If you have a single process in the new Opera trying to access more than 4 gigabytes of RAM you've got a problem. They are working on a 64-bit build though. IIRC Opera for Linux has one.

    The 32 bit's version 28 is the latest.

    Opera 29 is the latest stable release.

  • This sounds very like the "Photobucket Issue" that was discussed here.
    Give the fix detailed there a try and it may solve this problem too!

  • Thanks Davehawley
    You hit the nail.

  • Actually, the images are hosted on tinypic - you'll see posts about that one everywhere.