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Help! Out of Memory error"

  • Uninstalled and reinstalled, turned off anti virus and the same problem. Win7 Using only 34% of physical memory. Goodbye Opera!

    I'm sorry for your problem. I have no issue here on my PC and many other users also don't experience this. For example, many posting on the Opera blogs are using Opera without reports of this issue. I really don't know what's wrong. 😕

  • I didn't have a problem since going back to Opera several months ago. But I started having problems saving web pages a week ago and now the damn thing cant do ANYTHING! Totally dead.

  • Saving web pages? How many files are there in your download folder?

  • thanks but when I say nothing works in Opera I mean NOTHING. I cant even open a page to save it anymore. But my 'download folder' is my Desktop, not that cluttered.

  • I just uninstalled 31 and downloaded and installed Opera 30 after deleting all the references to Opera 31 in App/Data and the install folder, but the same problem. Seems like e conflict with windows7. BTW I still have Opera 12 installed and it works.

  • I run 31 (and the current Developer version, 32) on Windows 7, so it isn't any essential conflict with Windows 7. Also not a conflict with Avast. Can't really guess beyond that.

  • Interesting to read these comments, because I get the same "out of memory" message opening Opera ON A BRAND NEW LAPTOP with Windows 8.1 and 6 GB of RAM. In addition to a few apps, I've downloaded Firefox, Open Office, and a couple of others -- and everything else works wonderfully. WHAT'S THE DEAL? Maybe it's the new Opera and I should revert to the older version I've enjoyed for years on other PCs... Maybe upgrading to Windows 10 would help???????

  • Interesting to read these comments, because I get the same "out of memory" message opening Opera ON A BRAND NEW LAPTOP with Windows 8.1 and 6 GB of RAM. In addition to a few apps, I've downloaded Firefox, Open Office, and a couple of others

    What others?
    Are you sure no adware?

  • @ hiteckee - may I ask what anti virus you are running?

  • I am having the same problem, running W 8.1, I previously used the Beta branch but it started happening there and was not fixable so I switched to stable... till the last (31) update, now the Out of memory! erorr is back again. I think I will have to go back to v30 and stop the autoupdate, it did not happen on that one. Also, uninstalled Opera yesterday, cleaned everything from everywhere (program files, appdata, registry), installed Opera again, copied over login data, bookmarks etc. Still happening. So nope... either v30 or another browser is the solution for me. Shame, since I've been using Opera while it still had built-in ads (either v6 or 7, can't remember) and the way it is now is just sad.

  • @ riordan - I tried v30 after wiping everything and it didn't work for me. Good luck! THE next thing I'm going to try is to go back to MS Security Essential anti virus to see if Bit Defender AV screwed something up. May I ask what anti virus you are running?

  • As I wrote before in a previous post, there may be a conflict between BitDefender and Opera.

    I was using Avast but got tired of the annoying pop-ups.

    It's a shame because BD is one of the highest rated AV's.

  • @rollobsam

    I'm using Eset Smart Security. But I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with it. As I said, v30 or lower works for me and I get no error. Something must have changed for 30>31 that does this for me.

    I would be more willing to blame some extension/s for that than AV. I think I will try a pure install without any settings carrying over and no extensions and see how that goes. Hope is pretty minimal though.

  • Ah, @Browzer1 and @rollobsam, I am running BitDefender, plus Comodo Firewall and Malwarebytes. My wife's Win7 desktop also has BD, but it's the older version of Opera that must not have a problem with the AV software. And, @rafaelluik, I'm very careful what goes on my new baby - the only other programs downloaded so far are Crap Cleaner, Irfanview, Dropbox, Java, and WordWeb.

    So, do I give up on BD? Seems a shame, Opera's shot itself in the foot by upgrading...

  • OK I'm beginning to think its Bitdefender. I noticed that it changed my folder settings to 'hide' various file types, something I always unhide. The timing would be right as well.

  • Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm running Comodo Firewall as well for a year, without issue.

  • @rollobsam, not sure what you mean by BD "changed my folder settings to 'hide' various file types." Not certain about going back to Avast and may try Avira again...

  • In mean that in Windows Explorer you have the option of viewing many element of the files and folders or not. I believe BD changed mine because I am sure that WE wasn't set to Hide System Files etc.

  • For @hiteckee

    • Go to
    • Take Opera 12.17
    • Repeat, take Opera 12.17 and use


    My problem, I removed IE from Windows and Opera
    don`t want work, FireFox - no problem
  • @ esteni - I myself have v12 installed already, but I assume that it would have major security issues. No?

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