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  • I've delayed my Opera update as long as I could but now more and more sites demand an updated Opera so I finally did - Thank God Opera 29 installed itself as a new application leaving my Opera 12.17 untouched - I don't understand why Opera had to change the well known Opera interface and had to adapt the "Chrome look" - If I wanted my browser to look like Chrome I would chose the original and not Opera - I'm really pissed about this because I want my familiar interface - that is the possibility of a standard menubar and my email tabs - Now I'm forced to have 2 Opera versions so I can have my email and do my settings with the traditional and familiar menus (File - Edit - View etc)

    If Opera finds it necessary to look like Chrome for God knows what reason then Opera at the least could have developed some addons which allow faithful users to change to the usual "Opera look" - Get a grip Opera - many of us users have been faithful users for decays and are use to the menubar and email features and we really don't need these frickin' changes


  • I don't understand why Opera had to change the well known Opera interface and had to adapt the "Chrome look"

    Because Opera versions from 15 up use the Blink renderer. The older interface was build for the old Presto renderer and it was not compatible with Blink. So they eather had to start from scratch or try and port the older interface. Porting the old interface would have taken longer so they went the 'from scratch' route. Opera 12 was in development for 18 years. Opera 29 has been in development for 2. It takes time to get things back up to speed.

    As Woodrow Wilson famously said: "If you want to make enemies, try to change something."

  • I've no idea what Presto and/or Blink are and I really don't care - All these "explanations" are of no interest for me - All I want is my menubar - my customized icons and my email back - Changes can be good if they're making things better - Don't tell me that when millions of users need to learn how to use the "new Chrome" aka Opera from "scratch" this changes are beneficial for the USER - Opera programmers needs to do something asap!!!

  • I really don't care
    All these "explanations" are of no interest for me
    Don't tell me

    If you're going to come here acting like an entitled jerk you aren't going to get any help from me. I wont be read or responding to this thread further.

    Just a note, I am not part of the Opera dev team and I don't speak for them or anyone else here. But seeing as I'm the only person that has, on my own time for free, tried to help you chances are you aren't going to get help from anyone else.

  • All I want is my menubar

    Then you will need a time machine because almost no software have a menu bar nowadays.

    my customized icons and my email back

    The integrated email client will not come back.

  • I will tell you that many of us started with the same attitude and disbelief when New Opera came out.

    All you have to do is remember the fits and starts we went through when learning how to use the Old Opera.

    Just start working your way through it, it will come over time - but you will never get back some of the interface you are used to (like a mail client within O29, and bookmarks how it used to be). It just takes time.

    But I WILL tell you the New Opera is much smoother and efficient than Old Opera and almost all pages load unlike Old Opera where so many will not load correctly