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Problems with choice buttons (radio buttons?) and some links.

  • The last week or so I've been having some problems with opera, I'm assuming it's the latest update since I do the auto update thingy. Anyway.... the choice buttons, I think they're called radio buttons, that complete tasks (for example like the "post" and "edit", etc buttons in forums like Goodreads and Amazon), won't actually complete the task. They just keep chugging away, with the wait circle circling endlessly till I give up, call up the same webpage in firefox or chrome and do there whatever it was I trying to do in Opera.

    Around the same time that this started, I also started having problems with links and "open in new tab"... not every time (which is odd - you'd think it would either work or not work every time) - again the task never finishes - the page never finishes downloading, it just keeps chugging away forever or till I quit the tab and try again. Sometimes with success, sometimes not.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Try doing these action in a private window. Still messing up? If that fixes it then an extension is probably the source of your issue.