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  • Guys i moved from Firefox to Opera just because they had an excellent web browser
    but after updating lots of users were disappointed.
    I am facing the same problem here, you had nice design you upgrade the opera & now once again it sucks.
    Why people why???
    The browser was just fine, why on earth if something is good you destroyed.
    I let you know this.
    If the next update is worse than this i've surely will transfer to Chrome.

  • You don't specify what it is that you're unhappy with. If it's the changes in the speed dial, you might want to carefully go through these threads, as they shows how to revert to the older look if you want,

    and also, how to select the icon that you want for the site you want on the speed dial. There are a lot more choices with Opera 29.

  • Thank you for your answer it was helpful.
    I did fix the white head of each page.
    But i was unable to solve the bookmarks pages which was better in the previous opera.
    I also removed the history tab from the start page but i can't remove the other features such as the tabs.

  • What specifically is the problem with bookmarks? If you don't tell us what the problem is we can't help you.

  • What is the problem with bookmarks? (Windows 7, Opera 29)

    1. In the left pane of the bookmark page, there used to be a tree, showing the hierarchy of folders. That's gone. I have thousands of bookmarks, and I organize them by classification.
    2. It is very tricky to place a bookmark into a folder. Requires exact placement when dragging the bookmark over the foldere.
    3. I am sufficiently disgusted, I want to export my bookmarks to an HTML file. There is no option to do that.


    PS: I found an Opera extension called Bookmarks,
    Version by g0oddron
    I was able to export my bookmarks using it. Moved them to Maxthon, which still has a folder tree.

    It's too bad. I started using Opera in the 90's. I really like being able to block videos from playing until I explicitly start them. But Opera has screwed me over twice. You did bookmarks very well with the old Opera 12. Now I have to go to Opera Link to find them. They did not transfer into the newer Opera. And now, with the latest version, the bookmark browser is crippled on 2 counts, mentioned above.

  • What is the problem with bookmarks?

    Here, none.

    1. In the left pane of the bookmark page, there used to be a tree, showing the hierarchy of folders. That's gone.

    Try enabling opera://flags/#trees-in-bookmarks but keep in mind that it may cause issues.

  • They did not transfer into the newer Opera.

    The new Opera, as you've been told already, is a different program. It does not use the Link service. It has its own service called Sync and they aren't compatible. That said, Opera 29 does have a built in bookmarks importer, which you can find in the Settings page. It can import bookmarks and such from many different browsers, including Opera 12.