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  • I want to suggest if it'll be possible to sort extensions manually,like drag and drop them to the position I like.
    For example I like to have my frequently used extension to be at the far left from the other extensions.

  • in latest developer build you can sort side bar !!! extensions by dragging their icons. Unfortunately, not possible with browserAction extension icons (to the right of address bar)
    You could rearrange them manually in preference file. They are in form of javascript array.
    Open preference file (from your profile folder) and search for "toolbar". There you see an array of your extensions ID's.
    Order them as you like, just watch for commas and quotation marks. ID's must be quoted and spitted by commas.

  • That's exactly what I wanted.Thank you.For the time being I'll be using this way until it's been implemented in the next update.

  • Cool trick. It does not seem to be fully working though. At least not with Opera 31 stable. When I save the changes with Opera not open and then start up Opera the icons do switch momentarily to where they were manually set, but then they switch back after about 1/2 a second.

  • Sorry of this question is off-topic, but: where is the "side-bar" in Opera 31? How do I open it?

  • Sorry of this question is off-topic, but: where is the "side-bar" in Opera 31? How do I open it?

    Menu > Extensions > Sidebar (or something like that)

  • Ctrl+Shift+S

    I have configured my shortcuts to swap F1 = help and Ctrl+Shift+S = sidebar. More convenient and easier to remember.

  • Getting back on topic. I looked into why positioning extensions in the toolbar was not working. It appears that it has to do with settings being synced.

    If I turn off opera sync and then modify the positioning of the keys in the toolbar array in the preferences file then start up Opera the new toolbar positioning does not revert. When I turned sync on the positioning of the addons in the toolbar went back to the way they were after about 20 seconds.

  • Thanks to @celadyn, I stumbled upon this thread. I too am faced with the same problem. The suggestion by @vux777 was good but alas as @james438 has shared this is still not a robust solution. I think it has to come via update probably in the next version of Opera.

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