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Opera 29 - How eliminate the new annoying bar that appears on the bottom of the page wasting space

  • There only to history from the navigation panel it is possible to disconnect:
    opera:flags/ "History in navigation bar" and off

  • On Opera 28 I was able to disable the bottom bar following this instructions

    To disable the navigation bar feature at the bottom of your screen, please enter the following in the Opera address bar:


    from quadtube

    On Opera 29 this instructions can't be applied ad also disabling "History in navigation bar" has no effect on beying able to have the bar disapear

    😞 😞 😞


  • Someone care to explain to me why would you put a speed dial button on speed dial.
    No one needs it.
    Why would you put a bookmarks button on speed dial, when you already have it either in dropdown menu or in quick bookmarks.
    No one needs it.
    Discover doesn't have my country. I don't care about stories in US.
    I don't need it.
    History is not something that you access that often.
    I don't need it.

    I should have an option to remove things I don't need (especially if they look ugly).

  • Ditto


  • why would you put a speed dial button on speed dial.
    No one needs it.

    Because it's a bar and appears on other "pages" also.
    Creating a navigation bar for each page would be a waste of resources.

    No one needs it

    You don't need it. Many others do need it.

  • Good reason to permit to each one that uses Opera to see it or not

    We are not asking to have one more feature, we are asking to be able do decide if we want to see this feature

    that we find wasteful and not useful

    despite all the success of a program is done by the succes it has with his users


  • Older Opera versions were based on bars (upper bars)

    someone find that the bars were intrusive and a waste in screen space

    now someone want to reintroduce it (and this one is thicker than the older ones)

    well, do it in the right way, give the user the option to see it or not

    or, at least, to decide how thick the bar is and how big are the buttons on it


  • No offence, but the devolper needs to make there product more interesting, therefore they add things that they think user would like to have. And not what they want. :jester:

  • its a home button.. by pressing it. you can go back to home page

  • subhamsp, sorry to say, but seems you haven't understand the matter on this tread


  • It's all very well putting things like this in but surely it's common sense to let us turn them off if we don't want to see them.

    I find it intrusive and I don't want it.