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Where did everything go ? When will everything come back ?

  • I'm actually using, since opera 12.x does no longer support most of the internet, the shitty opera 28, or 29, no idea.
    Opera 12 was my favorite browser for many reasons, but especially for these 10 things :

    When I first used opera 15 I almost puked because nothing was there. Now that we are, fifteen versions far from the 15th, there is still almost nothing.

    So my question is,
    you see, the 10 things that are listed. When are they going to come back ? In how many years ?

    1. Tab stack

    2. Your own keyboard shortcuts

    3. IRC

    4. Integrated opera Mail

    5. Notes

    6. Reload every X seconds

    7. Open with X

    8. Downloading/Seeding torrents

    I maybe the only one in the world asking for this, because if I weren't everything in that list would be already there. But I want to know.

    1. Not in the vanilla install but there are extensions IIRC.

    2. Already in Opera 30, might be in Opera 29. IDK because I use 30. You can change shortcuts in earlier versions but you have to edit a file.

    3. The devs say its gone and its not coming back.

    4. See item 3.

    5. What happened to 5?

    6. Not in the vanilla install but there are extensions that add it.

    7. What happened to 7?

    8. Extensions.

    9. There might be an extension for this but since Opera is no longer using its own oddball renderer I don't see why its necessary.

    10. See item 3.

  • For your item 8, @rackover, there's an Opera extension called Super Auto Refresh that would appear to let you refresh pages and tabs. And here's a Chrome extension (you can use in Opera), where you can set the number of seconds you want to pass before a page or tab refreshes.

    Remember, to download a Chrome extension easily, you need the Opera extension, called Download Chrome Extension,

    or Extension Source Viewer,

    On item 6, I haven't found an extension as good as the Opera Notes, or Firefox scrapbook, so wish Opera would add it.

  • "What happened to X" I didn't want to put things that were already there, I have nothing to say about them

    I see two answers in your post :
    The things that "can be done with extensions" : Okay so that mean that the huge amount of missing stuff in opera 15+ is missing because there is....extensions for it ? And so it will not be added ? Because if that's okay for the "Reload every X seconds" and "Open with X program", why not removing the bookmarks, the tabs, the menus, the settings and the download manager ? I mean, anyone can make an extension for it, so why should the developpers work on that kind of stuff ? That's a shame.

    The things that "are done and won't come back" : That's not even an answer. I mean, I know it's gone. I don't want to know that it will not come back but WHY it isn't coming back. Was the IRC chat in Opera 12 by mistake ? No ? Then why is it "not coming back" in opera 15 ? It was so useful !! Same for the mails and the P2P. And I'm not even talking about the RSS feedreader.

    Opera 12 was a browser that could litterally do everything. Now in opera 15+ you need "extensions", because "good things are gone and won't come back", said the developpers. Great.

  • Well, this type of discussion has been going on since Opera switched from Presto to Blink a couple years ago. By Opera's using the Chromium engine, it has access to a huge universe of extensions -- both Opera extensions and Chrome extensions. The idea, is, I would guess, there's no point putting tons of features into the basic browser, if the features can easily be handled via extension, and those people who want the feature can download it, and those who don't, have no need to. Also, when Opera switched from Opera Presto to Opera Blink, it needed to recreate the entire browser from scratch. It would make no sense to be focussing on browser exotica that can easily be added via extension. Now if the feature is not being added via extension, and it's the type of feature many want, that's a reason to add it. If it's exotica -- with only a small universe of potential users -- I can understand why Opera wouldn't waste their time on it.

  • I think they should at least make official extensions full compatible with opera, extensions that will not slow down the browser or what. Extensions that everyone can trust and that perfectly go with the opera UI. Auto refresh doesn't, for example (Horrible font/color when deploying, not the same reload logo than the real reload logo...).
    But if this type of discussion has been going on since a while, that mean that many people want that features back. So are the developpers blind and deaf, or don't they give a fuck ?

  • Really I don't know what you mean by opera does not support most of the Internet. I suppose you mean most of the Internet does not support opera, which it never has and still does not with the new opera. I don't know but I still use opera 12 and it works fine, and if I do come across a site that does not work I use the "open with" function.

    As for why the missing stuff not coming back, they have their reasons. For example they claimed fit to width confused people and they would get complaints from users about websites not working not knowing they had fit to width activated. I suppose some of the others they thought not enough people used them, or it was just too much trouble, whatever

  • From my understanding is the reason they ditched those features in the first place is because they were a resource drain to maintain for the amount of usage most users got out of them. If the reason they were getting rid of them was because they didn't want to maintain them anymore then turning them into official extensions kind of defeats the purpose.

  • ...
    But if this type of discussion has been going on since a while, that mean that many people want that features back. So are the developpers blind and deaf, or don't they give a f*** ?

    It means that many people want many different features in a browser, but they don't necessarily each want the same features to the same degree. Olde Opera included many features internally, both by initial plan and by accumulation over many years. Totally redesigning the browser around a new engine meant the developers had to consider whether or not the effort to code for a given feature was (or is) worth the effort and added complexity required, in terms of whether adding such a feature would attract enough extra users to justify the cost of adding and supporting the feature. There are two schools of thought on this: one is that such features can most efficiently be added via extensions, and the other is that the many of the features still belong within the browser for improved integration, regardless of costs. There are some strong arguments on both sides... and those arguments are the "type of discussion" that have been going on in these forums for several years - as well as elsewhere on the web.

    Opera ASA has chosen its path, which is to rely on extensions for a number of features. Vivaldi, currently in its infancy, has chosen the other path of trying to include many of those features within the basic browser - though it has quite a ways to go yet. The end result, and the business economics, of the two designs will probably be quite different. Only time will tell which will be the more successful - or what that even means. Personally, I suspect both will find their own eventual user niches. As users, we simply have to choose which of the available browsers out there best matches our feature needs and performance attributes... and at the end of the day, we can always ask for our money back. 😉

  • The problem for opera is there are too many browsers in front of them, nobody has heard of them and the big websites don't support them and webmasters don't test in opera

    How to fix that is mind boggling, its like trying to catch up to apple and google. I don't see how going the extension route is gonna help, most users don't even know what an extension is

  • Well, they did it the other way for 18 years and it got them nothing. So, now they are gonna try a different tact. As for most users not knowing what extensions are, well, thats means they probably weren't using 90% of the stuff built into Opera anyway. So nothing lost from their perspective. All that said, moving to the Blinker renderer was a huge step up from Presto. Say what you want about the interface you can't deny that it was a necessary change and a good idea.

  • When are they going to come back ?

    The question should be "if"they will come back. It was already said that many of them may not come back.