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Opera 28 No "Open Image in New Tab" Function

  • I don't know if this is happening to everyone, but for sure it's happening to me. With Opera 28, upon Right Clicking on images, the menu does not provide the "Open Image in New Tab" option.

    I have Dial Up Internet and so a lot of times a page will not load in its entirety. With Opera 27 and before, I always had the option to Right Click on images and open them up in new tabs individually. Then I'd reload the page and with the images now being in the cache, everything would now be great.

    But, now with Opera 28, if the loading and reloading of a page does not want to render all images, I am up a creek as I can't load images individually.

    Today I confirmed that Opera 28 was the culprit by downgrading to Opera 27 and I now have the "Open Image in New Tab" option again upon Right Click on images. Is it a bug? Any insight?

  • Does it happens on all pages and with all images? I've checked in a couple of sites and i could see "Open images in new tab".

    Maybe an extension causing this?

  • I first noticed it on Google +. At that time I thought, "Awww MAN! It looks like Google + has changed their method of transmitting / rendering their images to where we no longer have the 'Open Image in New Tab' option. But, then I also started noticing it on BlogSpot Blogs.

    But, then it gets more interesting / mysterious. Maybe this will provide you a clue as to what might be happening. I decided to confirm whether it really WAS a Google + and BlogSpot problem or whether it might be an Opera Browser problem. I proceeded to try Firefox. Since I never use Firefox except for troubleshooting purposes, I don't know if Firefox is supposed to provide an 'Open Image in New Tab' Right Click option or not. Well, Firefox was also not providing me an 'Open Image in New Tab' Right Click option on images. However, while Firefox has always sucked on my systems and I've never been a Fan of it ... in this case, it was at least yielding better rendering of more images than Opera 28.

    So, after that experiment, it led me to think that maybe it WAS Google + and BlogSpot that had acquired some bug and causing the 'Open Image in New Tab' Right Click option to be MIA.

    But, today I decided to settle that curiosity that kept gnawing at me at the back of my mind. In backtracking, I somewhat loosely connected the dots that while not 100% sure, to the best of my recollection ... the problem manifested itself right around the time that I upgraded to the latest Opera --- Opera 28. I have now tried both Opera 27.0.1689.69 and Opera 27.0.1689.76 and both have provided the 'Open Image in New Tab' Right Click option.

    Oh and while I used to use the Smart RSS Reader Extension and the RSS Detector Extension in the past, I haven't done so in a while. Certainly not while this problem manifested itself with Opera 28. I haven't been using ANY Extensions lately.

  • BTW ... just in case it might matter, I am using Windows XP Pro SP3.
    And I am using the latest avast Home Free Anti-Virus.
    The only Firewall that I am using is the Windows XP Firewall.

  • I didn't notice it myself. I too am on dial up. So I went to facebook where I know I get quite a few images that don't load. If you right click on one of those drop out images the "open image in new tab" doesn't appear. If you right click on an image that successful loaded then it shows. You don't get that option on facebook of the little profile picture by a posters name if it loads or not. I use windows 7 and currently use Opera 28.0.1750.48 Should let the developers know about this so it is fix in future updates.

  • Just a heads up, this is not the place to let them know. They don't check here. This is just a user support forum. No devs here.

  • I know that. I just went to their opera report a bug wizard web site and reported it there.

  • Some images on sites like Facebook or Flickr use tricks to prevent you from copying an image, such as a transparent overlay or just using the image as a background - or of course the custom menu. We'd need a specific example to really say what was going on ...

  • On facebook the 3 by 3 picks of friends on anyone's profile may have images that don't have all of them load. The area below the cover photo to the left. No "open image in new tab" for the ones that fail to load well the ones in the same group that successful load does have it. I like the way that opera 12.17 and earlier dealt with images. Have it set to "No images". If then you wanted a certain image to show up all you had to do was right click on that area and select "reload image". It would do just that. Also it was easy to see where an image was suppose to be. Where a gif was to be you would see a box with words in it like for example. Visit that same site with opera 28 and you have no clue where an image would be when you have images turned off. In other words, opera 12.17 had a placeholder for hidden images well newer versions of opera doesn't if images were turned off. There is no "reload image" option for the newer versions of opera.

  • Exactly, drillbit. The "Open Image in New Tab" option WILL display on Right Clicks of images that have already rendered / displayed properly. It is on Right Clicks of images that failed to render / display where the problem manifests itself of not providing the "Open Image in New Tab" option.

    I was thinking of reinstalling Opera 28 so that I could get a Screen Capture of a Right Click menu without the "Open Image in New Tab" option, but Hmmm ... CAN we even provide Screen Caps here? It just dawned on me right now that we can't. Right?

  • Maybe the seemingly fact that so far only drillbit and I have experienced the problem and the common denominator is that we both have Dial Up ... maybe it is a problem with something regarding Dial Up that Opera 28 has.

    Anyway, thanks for confirming and reporting the problem at the Opera Bug Wizard, drillbit.