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  • I can easily live without this feature. It would be nice, but I can just copy/paste the speed dial every now and then.

    Unfortunately copy/pasting speed dial is something a little too complex to communicate to clients. People want now days a flow of using their devices, from home, to office, to phone while commuting and then back at home (PC/mac/tablet). Lack of one-speeddial between devices is, from average users point of view, something that is not a sales point for Opera in "tech enthusiast" crowd, for whats-a-browser crowd it most likely is. But which crowd is more likely to use Opera?

  • @zalex108 said in Sync same Speed Dial on every device:

    You just need to copy the SD bookmarks from Other Speed Dials to the SD of your other machine.

    BTW, a switch or a selector to select the behavior would be nice.


    +!. Simple make it a choice. Toggle mutli device sync yes or no. Each device can opt out of the multi-sync.

  • I have found a solution to select any one of the "Other Speed Dials" as the default.

    1. Go to help->about and copy the profile path.

    2. Close the browser

    3. Locate the file "Bookmarks" in the profile path and make a backup copy.

    4. Edit the file using a text editor and search for the text "speed_dial_root_folder_guid". You will find something like this:

      "id": "121",
      "meta_info": {
      "speed_dial_root_folder_guid": "C362534A-560F-4370-B7CC-6E11CA38A54F"
      "name": "DESKTOP2",

    5. Now CUT the entire meta_info section including the comma at the end, that is everything between the "id" and "name" lines.

    6. Search for the name of the speed dial you wish to select and paste the meta_info between the matching "id" and "name" lines.

    7. Save & open browser.

  • I just started using Opera, because i like design of this browser. But after few days I found, that it cant sync speed dial on devices šŸ˜ž
    That is reason, why I have to go back to use Maxthon browser, which can do that.
    Let me know if this funion will be availabe and I will be happy user of opera.

  • @ploink thank you so much, this is the simplest and the fastest solution, changing 2 lines and you are ready to go.
    Btw I'm surprised it is still an unsolved by the Opera team.

  • @ar7ur3k Well if you had actually read the thread, you would have noticed that not everyone see a problem there.

  • This is not a bug but a feature request.

  • I believe there are many guys like us that really want to synchronize one speed dial to all of our devices. It is really annoying to create the same speed dial for every device we buy or change. This thread begin in 2016. We are on 2019 and there are still people who want this feature integrated in Opera browser. It is a shame that 3 years after the initial request and nobody on Opera is really listening their customers.

  • @Atemporaryson The amount of time necessary to simply select all the speed dials and copy to another device is roughly ~ 30 seconds (including starting the browser and going to bookmarks link). I'm talking about using actual PC, since neither Google Chrome nor Firefox offer sync across Android devices, for instance. How often do you actually change PC/laptop? Is it really possible that this (let it be) minute means so much to you?

    Let's say you are the project manager in Opera dev team, and that I am your superior. Please elaborate (with actual arguments for a change, spare me the beliefs and thoughts) on why this feature should be implemented.

  • @maxdule

    • 2 work boxes
    • 2 laptops
    • one home machine
    • a phone,
    • a tablet.

    It takes quite awhile to copy bookmarks. (especially since you have to stop and figure out which is the current one - then which is the right computer). If you spend 10 mins a day trying to keep bookmarks in sync, that is a hour a week, 52 hours a year, 520 hrs in a decade. That is 21 days every 10 years you will spend doing nothing but fixing Opera's mess.

    Ya, it is time we had Speed Dial Sync. The backup to "other dials" is nice, but a modern browser without sync is sad.

  • @neoseo This post is about Speed Dials not Bookmarks, those are synced across devices (even android ones). So you calculus is basically crap.

    Or you'are actually telling me that you change speed dials every day? That issue won't be resolved by any feature in the browser bro.

  • @maxdule Yes, I rarely use other bookmarks other than speed dial folders. If you visit a site you want to visit later, but don't need it forever - SpeedDial is the way to go every time. The only way to keep them in sync with opera is to constantly edit your bookmarks 'other dials' folder.

    To differentiate between speed dials and bookmarks is kinda silly.

  • @neoseo I find it hard to grasp that use case, but ok. Is there any other browser that suites? As far as I know, none of the 98% market share.

  • @neoseo said in Sync same Speed Dial on every device:

    To differentiate between speed dials and bookmarks is kinda silly.

    Agreed. I was disappointed that it is not possible to create subfolders in speeddial, like you can do with normal bookmarks. It would be nice to use the SD interface to organize all my bookmarks.

    Others may have different use cases for the SD feature, but suppose you could right-click any bookmark folder and choose "Select as speeddial"? That would allow everyone to use it as he/she pleases.

    A more subtle solution/feature would be a "set as default" option on the "other speeddials". This would be a GUI for the solution I posted above.

    BTW, I just asked my wife, who is also using opera, about SD not syncing and she replied "Yeah, that's just stupid".

  • @ploink Ya, speed dial should just start as the root of bookmarks.

  • @maxdule This kind of reply is never helpful. The first rule of User Experience Design, recognized everywhere across the world, is never tell a user their request is stupid or futile or "why would you ever want to do to that?" . It is never helpful. It should be self evident yet it is not, that whenever a user posts about a request, unless it is being done as a troll or to detail a topic, it's because the user finds the requested function helpful to their workflow.

    Unfortunately the people who are constantly castigating people on help forums with "why would you want to do that" or "just do it my way, my way is best" are the very ones who will never understand user experience design precepts. Psychologically, it essentially boils down to being extremely judgemental of others, and this is a negative personality trait that is extremely difficult to ever change unless the person chooses to.

  • @quicksite But I suppose your reply is very helpful, arguments full and strictly related to the topic. Oh wait...

    First of all, I am not member of the Opera team, nor I am related to the software in any way (has to be repeated for the slow ones obviously). I was simply explaining my point of view, and explained it in details whatsoever. So I am also a user posting about a request that conflicts with others' request. What is the rule of User Experience Design that solves this problem? And could you please explain how the sentence I find it hard to grasp that user case turned into why would you ever want to do that? in your twisted mind?

    Your lousy attempt of being a psychologist is funny as well. It's nicely wrapped packet of insults with fallacies instead of arguments. It's summed in one word - projection.

  • @maxdule If I have wrongly characterized your response, I apologize. I just don't understand the purpose of questioning another user's desires in using software. This was your comment I was refrering to:

    @maxdule said in Sync same Speed Dial on every device:

    @neoseo This post is about Speed Dials not Bookmarks, those are synced across devices (even android ones). So you calculus is basically crap.

    Or you'are actually telling me that you change speed dials every day? That issue won't be resolved by any feature in the browser bro.

  • My 2 cents worth - yes sync same speed dials to every device, or have that as default