2 Computers - 1 Unique SpeedDial

  • Is that new?

    Today noticed a different behaviour for a SpeedDial sync'ed.

    1 base profile.
    Every default SD entry and bookmark deleted.
    A copy of that profile to another machine.

    2nd profile
    Work with the profile and add some SD entries.
    Sync with a clean user.


    1st profile - base -
    Access to Sync and every SD entry sync'ed as a 1 unique Speeddial, no Other SpeedDials entry.

    Tested today, same behaviour, they share the same SpeedDial despite they are 2 different machines.



    Maybe a new behaviour?
    Maybe because they had no SpeedDials/Bookmarks?

    A "bug"? 馃悰

    Windows 10 (x64) | Anniversary Update
    Opera Stable 路 Beta 路 Developer

    Opera Test profile | Opera Back up LinuxMacWin

  • I added a Speed Dial on this machine, then went to another one and enabled sync there. No changes on Speed Dial behavior, the one from this machine were still accessible through 'other speed dials' only.

  • Then should be related to the previous deletion of the SD/Bookmarks and/or maybe with the profile copy.

    I'll try to check with another "kit".

  • They are working as a one SpeedDial/Bookmarks Bar profile.


    I have pending to test creating some folders on All Bookmarks - but I will use another profile, I don't want to mess that one -. xD

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