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Need to retrieve missing messsage that is in backup

  • Hi

    I could not find out how to copy an email onto the desktop, so I forwarded it. It arrived without the important attachemnts and the original email disappeared...

    I have some back ups but don't know how to fish out this particular email.


  • When was it received? That'll at least tell you where to look.

  • The email is quite old (2009) but it was there yesterday. I forwarded it and it arrived without the important attachemnts, and disappered from where it was.

    I have a backup file that simply says "File" typr and I don't know how to open it and look for the email

  • It's not on the sent view? Can't you find it by using the search?

  • Hi

    It may well be, but if it is the attachments are not in it. I forwarded quite a few emails, on eof which had a few attachment.

    In the Sent folder there are some but none with those attachemnts.

    returning to the original question: is it possible to look into the backup "File" to see its contents?

  • Well, you can open the mbs files in a text editor.

  • If you had a backup of the "mail" folder, you'd look in the store/accountN folder for the account. There each message is stored in a mbs file where the mbs files are sorted by year/month/day/number.mbs.

    You'd then search in day folder for the mbs file that contains the message you want. You'd then open the file in a text editor to see if the attachment data is still there. If it is, you could then import that mbs file into opera via "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> import mail -> import generic mbox" where you choose the mbs file and choose what pop account to import into.

    If you don't have that, you're going to have to open the "File" file in a text editor to see what it is. To be useful to you, it'll need to be in mbs format and contain the message you're looking for where it has the attachment data with it. If that's the case, you can then import it like you would an mbs file from the store folder. If the "File" file, is something else, you're out of luck (unless it's an eml, file in which you can convert it to an mbs file).