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Freezes on scrolling, hesitates on commands

  • My Opera browser responds to every command (e.g., switch windows, close a window, minimize, maximize) with a pause of 4-6 seconds, followed by the expected action. Scrolling and typing - as when tying this message - are similarly interrupted every few seconds by random pauses. This situation began while using V. 27 and continues after updating to V. 28. I'm willing to believe it's related to my operating system (Win7) or processor (Intel Duo E4500 2.2GHz w/6GB RAM), but it affects no other applications.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem, and how can it be solved without switching browsers? Thanks!

  • While Opera is not running go into your Opera profile folder, its location can be found in the About Opera page, and delete the three files that start with 'session'. A heads up, this will delete the last saved session you had running, so bookmark those pages beforehand if you have anything you need to get back to later. Start Opera up again and see if the problems cleared up.

  • It MIGHT be related to your system - its status or state.

    1. Are you having sufficient free disk space?
    2. Do you reboot your system often?

    And more pertinent to the browser,

    • do you close it periodically?
    • how many tabs do you usually have open?
    • how many extensions?
      Check your system task manager for the number of Opera processes.
  • Thanks, guys! It's working much better now. Apparently the sessions folders get clogged even when the browser is closed & restarted every day. Something else to keep an eye on!

  • Yeah, for some strange reason people are having problems with their sessions files. It only effects a small number of users though. To keep it from happening you'll need to stop using 'Continue where I left off' in the options page or delete the sessions files every now and then. If you are really into the session feature I recommend using Session Buddy (on the chrome store) and the 'Download Chrome Extension' on the Opera store. Install the latter one first and then Session Buddy. Its a much more full featured session system.