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Warning exit dialog when having multiple tabs

  • This feature is necessary 🙂 and for me it is not related to tabs count in any way. I like old Opera approach - simple (optional) exit dialog with 20 sec shutdown.

  • Tankietoopera1907, Yeah for sure, I think it'd be more convenient a switch to turn this feature on/off, so if it's on and there are more than 2 tabs, it should warn you that you are trying to close Opera.

  • Its bad feature dont add this please!

  • I'm not а specialist, but maybe there is an opportunity to create an appropriate Opera extension, which would track a try to exit and pop up a dialog window to confirm?

  • I can’t imagine that there is any need to discuss such an INDISPENSABLE feature (as an option of course).

    Opera has discontinued a wonderful browser and mail client for something brand new, but after more than 2 years we still don’t have a decent replacement (besides bells and whistles for the kids I mean, this of course being on top of the list of requirements in today’s world). Firefox is a crashing machine and I don’t like Chrome, but in Opera 31 I did not even manage to make TabHamster automatically save my open session.

    Typing ALT+F4 with the wrong window selected is something many people may well do when in a rush or tired. When you rely on a wireless broadband connection, you can’t accept wasting your data allowance due to the huge lack of essential functionality in your browser.

  • It could be bundled with a good session manager.

    Like a session manager add-on listed in the browser's options to check/uncheck - depending on whether you need it or not.
    If enabled, it could produce a dialogue (upon hitting "close" or something) with options as follows:

    • close and save session -
    • close -
    • cancel 🙂
  • It is a MUST HAVE feature. Not only with multiple tabs, but woth a single tab too.
    Of course, it has to have a switch in the settings.

    It is a simple feature to implement, so everyone +1 this thread please!

  • Yes, this was in the old Opera browser too before they went to Chromium. I need this since I get click stupid sometimes and miss the minimize button.

  • Please Add this feature. Like so many others I lose everything when I accidentally hit the close button. Seems like it shouldn't be so hard to add this and make many users happy. Thank you!

  • Why would people ask NOT to add such an important feature. Put it in the options so people can choose. The lack of this feature is why I will not move to Opera as my main browser,the rest of it I love. But I use tabs all the time and when I go to close the window I can accidentally close 10 tabs and then it is too late. OPERA PLEASE add this as an option, to warn before closing multiple tabs. I have been reading many forums and this is a big complaint. I will make Opera my default browser when this is added but not until.

  • Just did it to me, if the developer were in front of me I would give him a bitch slap!

    Seriously, which bright spark thought this would be a good idea when every other windows prgram since 1983 asks you to confirm you want to exit.

    I am trialling Opera at the moment, this is a show stopper

    A friend of mine in LA says "F'ing useless piece of Sh1t" when he gets frustrated with software, it applies here.

    FIX IT

  • FIX IT

    It's not a bug so there is nothing to be fixed. Even if it was, you couldn't come here and shout demanding a fix for it.

    This forum is to politely ask for features, options, etc. No demands are allowed here.

  • Of course it's a bug, it's a missing obvious feature every other browser has.

  • Of course it's a bug, it's a missing

    It's not a bug. Missing features are not bugs.

  • i would also like this feature added as well as restore previous session

  • This is absolutely missing. Just lost ~30 tabs because I had 2 windows and accidentally closed the wrong one first. This or a session manager.
    Really, I need a session manager. Bookmarks just aren't dynamic enough for active projects!

  • I would like to see a confirmation dialogue when exiting Opera as well.

    Pressing the × by accident does occur from time to time which messes up my workflow. I am sure that everyone who heavily relies on their web browser would agree.

    It is never fun having to log in again, having to wait for the browser and apps to reinitialise as you are on the phone with a client on hold, or more importantly, losing your work altogether.

    A confirmation dialogue is a simple solution to a real problem which even Microsoft had kept in mind with the introduction of tabs in Internet Explorer 7.

  • @leocg A missing feature is not a bug... well at least you're acknowleding that it is MISSING. Users have been asking for this feature for years. Other browsers have it, there is no reason for opera to not have it as well, and NO reason they can't add it to newer versions.

  • @nrsrymj Congratulations, you are the 'Digger of the month'