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  • dear madams & sirs,

    after having been active in this forum for some while now i lately encountered the thought crossing my mind that i might like to reveal a little more about myself. enlightened by this flash of -... enlightenment?- i entered the profile page. and there, to my grave disappointment, i had to find out that none of the few topics i saw myself entitled to describe myself by really met what i am rather certain to be what i'm accustomed to describe myself by. (or so.)

    for instance: why am i only to choose between "male" and "female" for my gender? what if i considered myself an androgynous green frog with pointed ears and paint fingernails? i'd be completely at a loss in that case. well, i'm glad i have no pointed ears, but that doesn't releave you of your duties to provide us users with more opportunities to express our individual selves.

    yet, four of my ten fingernails are paint. in which way would you suggest i'd have to bend myself to fit into the narrow rules of your forum? even not being a frog? (behold, that was just an example, a metaphor!)

    being in the proud tradition, together with the late robert kennedy, of being a berliner, i might help you in enhancing the specs of your forum. we, in this history-stricken town, are in the fatal situation of having a metro station called "mohrenstraße" (in english: nigger-street). this is, as you may easily concur, quite distasteful, and has to be changed. the only solution that'll be able to prove politically correct, will be "farbige-mitbürgerinnen-und-mitbürger-mit-migrationshintergrund-straße" ("couloured-fellow-citizens-male-as-well-as-female-with-migrational-background-street" - or "-lane", for british contemporaries). i sincerely urge you to embody similar considerations in your users' profile pages.

    apart from that you should definitely revive our dear old opera 12 features.

    long live comrad zuse! freedom for the olms! windows is cannibalism!

    yours sincerely
    churchill, winston (fag, c.b.e.)

  • I'll consider this satire - especially given the "signature" - and as such it belongs in the Lounge.