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  • Hi,

    I am using Opera Android and History, Speed Dial & Discovery are on the home page.
    Please help me to disable Discovery option.


  • Not possible.

  • They said if you don't use it, just leave the discover feature alone; and it won't refresh background....

  • Time after time people keep requesting the ability to properly disable "discover" but Opera will not listen or even better remove "discover" completley.

    I for one believe it is totally unnecessary and by virtue of the fact the very moment you accidentaly swipe into "discover" it is already populated with up to date content with no reload delay etc, I believe the claim it doesn't refresh in the background and therefore needlessly consume your data is a lie.

  • Discovery page is started only at startup with Opera 22 and 27, other than that you can update that page swiping down.

  • I'm grateful to the Opera's developers, using it for the last 13 years, but the thing called "Discovery" is something that I hate. I realize that the support has a price, but I feel "Discovery" like interference in my personal choice: what i MUST read or watch cuffing my hands make me unable to switch it off/remove/. Just I want to say: i'm not retard.
    And Is there someone to check what's the data consumption starting Opera ?!
    Running in this manner Opera become useless for those on travel, using expensive mobile data.
    Thx for understanding

    Just User

  • @the-shooter I can assure you that discover will not interfere with anything for you. Yes, it will on first start download a few articles that it keeps in a cache so that you're not presented with an empty discover whenever you swipe to it, but it will NOT download any other data unless you actually go to the page and start scrolling it. And it's never automatically activated.

    Presumably you will be on wifi when you install the app in the first place so I don't think it'll be much download overhead. And even if you're not you can be pleased with your data savings since Opera is at least 15MB smaller download than our main competition 😉

  • @emoller thank you for the reply. This is most important for me, just to know that I'll not spend a traffic for nothing.
    Anyway, "Discover" is still like a unwanted tail. Advanced users prefer to manage not to be managed.